IT Organizations are spending too much time and budget manually performing tasks. For example, DBAs find themselves provisioning databases to support change management activities like testing patches, updates, and new development. Provisioning is just one example as DBA teams are looking for ways to automate and orchestrate routine tasks. See figure 8.


Figure 8: DBA activities costing excessive time and budget


The Ready Bundle for Oracle is designed streamline database activities by enabling the DBA to do more. There is no time spent building the Ready Bundle for Oracle as it’s designed as a unified system that can go from zero to 100 in less time. Servers, storage, and networking all tested and optimized for Oracle databases: Read Part One of my blog for more information.


Provisioning databases can involve a complex number of steps and multiple IT teams. It’s common to have the Storage Administrators have to refresh a database from production. Using AppSync the Storage Administrator can give control to the Oracle DBA to refresh their databases. AppSync is a program from Dell EMC designed to automate lifecycle management activities for Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft databases. For example, an Oracle DBA can schedule the refresh of a database over the weekend and AppSync will automate the entire process.


AppSync deserves its own blog because there is no way to cover it all here but its core value is integrating with Dell EMC storage to off-load refresh and copy activities to storage arrays like VMAX, XtremIO, and Unity. For example, the VMAX 250F all flash array can make a copy of production in a matter of seconds. This benefits the DBA who has to refresh a database as they can now complete most of the work in minutes versus weeks or days. This also combines the DBA and Storage Administration teams into a delivery model like DevOps. The two teams working together sharing responsibility for the delivery of a database.

The VMAX 250F storage array comes with the Data Storage Analyzer (DSA) at no additional cost. Using DSA the DBA can review storage performance. This means the classic question of storage performance is no longer a challenge to the DBA. Oracle Enterprise Manager combing with Data Storage Analyzer together gives the DBA a comprehensive view into database and storage performance. The combined power of OEM plus DSA can save hours in performance tuning efforts and provide better reporting to the business. It’s worth repeating: DSA is free with the VMAX and is part of the Ready Bundle for Oracle.


In Tuesday’s Oracle OpenWorld keynote, Larry Ellison talked about the importance of security. In my humble opinion Dell EMC RSA offers industry leading security solutions and for data protection there are solutions like storage replication and Data Domain. Dell EMC enables DBAs to use storage replication using AppSync. The DBA can control how frequently the database and applications are replicated and where the data is replicated to.  Using the Ready Bundle for Oracle the DBA has more control and works more closely with the IT Operations team.


Data Domain with DD Boost is among one of the most popular data protection solutions for Oracle. DD Boost integrates with RMAN and deduplicates backups to Data Domain decreasing backup times, reducing network utilization, and enabling more online backups. Additionally, the DBA controls DD Boost and can even configure the database backups can be replicated up to another Data Domain platform in a secondary datacenter.


Greater control for DBA teams, faster time-to-value as the Ready Bundle is a tested and optimized database platform and strong data protection. See figure 9 for a summary of benefits discussed in this blog.

Figure 9: Summary of Ready Bundle for Oracle in this blog


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