There was a lot of excitement and energy in the air on Monday morning at Oracle OpenWorld. The Dell EMC booth looked great and we were all ready to talk with customers.


In the booth we have a new solution that combines the PowerEdge R940 with the VMAX 250F all flash array for Oracle databases. The big question is, “Will customers be interested?”


As people started walking by the booth, they would stop and ask about the Ready Bundle for Oracle. We really had a lot of great discussions with customers interested in a unified solution like the Ready Bundle. I want to take a moment to give you my take on being at a show like Oracle OpenWorld representing Dell EMC. In my opinion customer go to learn and the Dell EMC team we go to learn from customers. Every question is important and every discussion is an opportunity to learn what customers are truly interested in.


Here are a few questions and discussions I had on day one. “What is the Ready Bundle for Oracle?”

It’s a solution that includes servers, storage, and networking that has been tested with different database workloads like OLTP, OLAP to optimize performance and provide you the best platform for your database ecosystem. – People were very interested in how the Ready Bundle was optimized for Oracle. We talked about how in our testing we captured best practices and performance metrics that enable us to work with you to accurately size the Ready Bundle for your business. For example, customers where interested to learn that database storage layout is very simple and following a few recommendations means improved management and protection of the database.

Customer conversation at the show:


Performance is always at the top of minds for people so there were a few questions like, “How is performance?”

Well in a recent study a two-node Oracle RAC system generated over 275,000 IOPS on a VMAX all flash array and the average response times were: .8 ms for reads and .3 ms for writes! We also tested the PowerEdge R940 servers with an OLAP workload and the server was 52% faster for the light workload and 9% faster for the heavy workload than the prior generation of servers… with 16 fewer processor cores. People picked up on the benefit right away. The Ready Bundle for Oracle is very fast and there is the potential for greater consolidation thus, a TCO savings. If you are interested in learning more read this blog that was just posted as it goes deeper into Oracle performance.

There were a few questions about comparing the Ready Bundle for Oracle to Exadata. My response was simple: The Ready Bundle for Oracle has been designed to maximize performance and return on your investment. There is no extra database licensing, hardware licensing, or features that add to the complexity of the database system. Instead, the Ready Bundle for Oracle provides a clear path to a platform with over 20 years of engineering in every layer of the solution.


Right up there with performance were questions about protection. The VMAX 250F all flash array is a leader in protecting data with proven features like replication (SRDF) and snapshots (SnapVX). Using replication the DBA can protect against a disaster and bring up the database in a secondary datacenter. Using AppSync DBAs now have the capability to configure and manage storage based replication. Normally, replication is the responsibility of the storage administrator but AppSync enables the DBA to control and manage replication. Snapshots can be used to quickly copy the production database to a backup server which has the advantage of off-loading backups from the production server.


We also have a great Oracle protection team at the show.  There were many times in which customers would start a conversation at one place in the booth and travel to the data protection experts to talk about Data Domain with DD Boost for Oracle.


There were some fun questions too! “What is Dell EMC doing at Oracle OpenWorld?” I thought it was a great question. We talked about how Oracle and Dell EMC have worked together for over 20 years and have over 80,000 mutual customers. Dell EMC is also a Platinum Partner of Oracle.


Please join us at the Dell EMC booth as we have a great team to answer your questions!


And get a chance to win a Google Home device!