As mentioned in my last blog, DEW’17 was all about product announcements and future directions that DELLEMC is planning to race ahead. In the build to buy continuum debate, DELLEMC has announced many products on ready nodes, ready bundles and ready systems. Before we delve deep into the concepts, let us understand each term separately.  As per Chad Sakac’s blog ,


Ready Nodes = software + server;

Ready Bundles = software + servers/network/storage;

Ready Systems = software + CI/HCI.


If I take the first category, the offerings are summarized in figure 1.


Figure 1 : Different offerings of Ready nodes.


Digital transformation is the corporate strategy for many organizations today. Database Consolidation, security, performance enhancement, apps enablement are the main areas where Ready bundles will come handy. Ready bundle simplifies the implementation. Dell EMC’s ready bundle turns complexity into simplicity. By following the best practices, it delivers expert designed sizing and validated solutions which are just the right configuration for a typical organization. It also offers exceptional performance, cost saving, easy to order, faster time to value. The DELLEMC ready bundle for RedHat OpenStack platform can be visualized in figure 2.



Figure 2: DellEMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat Openstack platform.


In summary, the key benefits of DELLEMC’s Ready Bundle are as follows:-

Superior Performance: - Faster transaction and query processing through expert-designed solution built on DELL EMC hardware. Creates dynamic business results with agile, open and flexible ready bundles.


Significant Cost saving:- Significant cost reduction with hardware resource consolidation and oracle database’s licensing savings. This will definitely increase the profit margin through out of factory OEM licensing, storage attach and configuration enrichment.

Faster time to value:-  Pre-architected and validated to shorten design cycle and reduce implementation risk. The system builder which is a tool for DELLEMC ready bundles, generates solutions of various sizes based on the customer requirements with bundle ordering with L1/L2 support in the later stages. Customers can unlock efficiency with JetPack cutting-edge cloud automation.


Future-ready scalability:-Exceptional scalability with Oracle Database, SQL Server 2016, SAP Hana etc. It is designed for growth with easy, non-disruptive & modular scalability.


Better manageability and protection:- it is easy to manage and easy to deploy. Simplified and management . Ready Bundles also provide better protection like disaster recovery and backup solutions with Recoverpoint.


The third option is ready Systems. Any solutions that are built on Vblock, VxRack,VxBlock and VxRail (Converged or Hyper converged Architecture)can be termed as Ready Systems. In this category we have at present Ready System for SAP HANA on Vblock(Converged Architecture). The architecture is depicted in Figure 3.



Figure 3: Demonstration of Ready System


Converged Infrastructure provides the speed and ability to power SAP HANA while remaining cost effective. Vblock Systems seamlessly integrate leading compute, network, and storage technologies to provide an optimized converged infrastructure solution that ensures secure and predictable performance through pre-engineered, modular infrastructure. Vblock Systems provide the highest levels of virtualization and application performance. Organizations can choose between procuring SAP certified appliance hardware for SAP HANA or leveraging SAP HANA tailored data center integration (TDI) to capitalize on existing infrastructure investments. SAP HANA TDI offers the ability to deploy SAP HANA software on standard Vblock Systems to leverage the benefits of VCE’s converged infrastructure solutions. Vblock 700 family systems provide a pre-engineered, pre-validated, and pre-tested platform on which to run SAP HANA. This platform comprises the storage, networking, compute, and optionally, the virtualization layer. It is supported as a single product, meaning there is no need to worry if the support issue was caused by a networking, storage or compute component. The platform provides a stable and reliable base for an SAP HANA installation. With SAP HANA TDI, organizations can consolidate SAP HANA workloads alongside both SAP and non-SAP workloads on the Vblock Systems shared infrastructure.


Hope, you could now appreciate the differences between ready nodes, bundles and systems along with its applications and implementations.



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