Recently, the DELLEMC World got concluded with lots of launches and product announcements like Dell 14G PowerEdge Servers. More than 13,000 people converged in Las Vegas this week for Dell EMC World, which is the annual tech conference for Round Rock-based Dell Technologies as can be seen in Figure 1.


Figure 1 : Dell EMC world 2017


In this event, many great products were showcased and also many big announcements were made. The biggest of all the announcements is the release of the DellEMC 14G next generation servers. In this product portfolio, we found some salient features like exponential increase in low latency of NVMe storage and a 50% increase GPU-compute density.Also, there is also a tighter coupling with software defined storage (SDS) environments and Dell’s new OpenManage Enterprise console which is the GUI consolidation of different products that are spread across different areas in a typical data center. This interface is called open Manage console which potentially can control and provision resources across the DELL-EMC environments. It is a single pane of glass to manage all Dell EMC compute and storage units.

Let us now talk a look into some top products that were showcased during the conference. The first product which has a bright future and has a huge potential based on the earlier spectacular run rate  by the earlier versions is XtremIO X2 as depicted in Figure 2.


Figure 2 : XtremIO X2 box


XtremIO X2 offers a 25 percent increase in the data reduction capabilities compared with the previous version, and supports scale-up in addition to scale-out to let customers add additional storage densities to previously deployed nodes while cutting total cost of ownership by half on a per-gigabyte basis. It delivers low latency; unmatched storage efficiency with inline all-the-time data services; rich application integrated copy services; and unprecedented management simplicity.  The USPs for this product can be summarized as follows:-

  • 4 to 20 times data reduction using inline deduplication and compression, XtremIO Virtual Copies, and thin provisioning. Gains two times more XtremIO Virtual Copies.
  • Enhanced Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM).
  • Multi-dimensional scaling.
  • Elegant software driven performance improvements.
  • Dramatically lower TCO with efficiency guarantees.
  • Enables unique copy data management capabilities to unlock business agility through improved workflows.
  • Reduces costs by one third and provides smaller, incremental scaling options.
  • Provides two times longer storage product lifecycles than traditional arrays.


The next product which comes to my mind is “Next Generation Unity” as depicted in figure 3.


Figure 3 : DELLEMC Unity bo


DELLEMC Unity is the midrange storage portfolio and is optimized for all-flash performance and simplicity. It utilizes CPU and memory optimally with 16 times the storage density, with up to 80 15.3-TB SSDs, and a 30 percent performance improvement over the current generation. They can handle a maximum file size of 256 TB compared with the current 64 TB. Installation takes less than10 minutes, All new Dell EMC Unity models include 4x larger file system with inline file compression, iCDM with snapshot mobility, simpler mapped RAID protection and support for external encryption key management via KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol). Additionally, Dell EMC Unity features an 8x increase in density and 8x more effective file system capacity than its predecessor, 33% faster than previous generations.

In the data protection arena, the product that got released in DELLEMC World 2017 and worth mentioning is the Integrated Data Protection Appliance as depicted in figure 4.


Figure 4 : Data Protection Suite


The Integrated Data Protection Appliance is a new turnkey offering that combines the company's Data Domain backup appliance with a new version of its Data Protection Suite software. The appliance allows customers to go from installation to back up in less than three hours. Dell EMC protects more than 150 PB of data in the cloud, which is 2x better than the closest competitor. Data Protection Suite introduces Disaster Recovery and Protection Storage in the cloud. This appliance takes up to 10X faster time vis-à-vis any other traditional build on other data protection alternatives and 20% faster performance than the closest competitor. It also brings together industry-leading deduplication (average 55:1 deduplication rate) for data residing both on premise and in the cloud.


There are many more products which got unleashed in DELLEMC World and are worth mentioning. I will discuss more about those products in my next blog.


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