As we all know, the EMC World Conference held every year in May has been an important channel for the storage industry to understand EMC technology, products and solutions. This year's Dell EMC World conference will be held in Las Vegas from May 8th to 11th. This is the first time after the merger of EMC business-oriented conference, the size is greater than Dell EMC World 2016 held in Austin last year. This is the first time that all Dell Technologies' brands have come together to demonstrate the power of technology.




The theme of this conference is Realize (Realize Your Digital Future, to achieve your digital future). A total of more than 12,000 IT practitioners, business executives, media and analysts were invited. Based on past feedback from the participants, EMC World is absolutely rave reviews, worth the value of the tickets:




What are the highlights of this year's conference? Personally think that can be divided into three categories:

1. New product release

2. Keynote Speech

          Including Michael Dell, David Goulden, Diane Bryant (Intel), Jeff Clarke, Pat Gelsinger, Jeremy Burton, Chad Sakac, Jeff               Boudreau, Beth Phalen, Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, Josh Bernstein, Manuvir Das and other senior executives from Dell's brands for a           number of keynote speeches on digital transformation,

3. More than 500 group discussions and lectures

          For specific schedules please visit: