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With Dell EMC VxRack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, Dell EMC and VMware have built a turnkey hyperconverged solution designed to support both traditional and cloud-native database workloads. Dell EMC VxRack was designed to enable enterprise companies and service providers to more easily and cost-effectively deploy the foundation for a complete software-defined private cloud that provides the flexibility and scalability required to support oracle databases that are becoming more complex and resource-hungry which in turn impacting the DB performance further. In this regard, Dell EMC is developing hyperconverged platforms like VxRack that meet the demanding and ever-changing requirements of businesses and databases which are used on the top of VxRack because of umteen benefits. In this endeavor, DELL EMC has also published a paper where it demonstrates the efficacies of using Oracle DB in VxRack environment.


8 pages product overview: “Advantages of Dell EMC VxRack Systems for Oracle :

Databases”  Highlights benefits including:

  • Easy Provisioning— Use automation for efficient installation, running, and improving performance of Oracle databases.
  • Ease of Use – Preconfigured, loaded, tested, and fully optimized IT stack, which is delivered from the factory as a fully assembled solution to help run Oracle databases
  • Building blocks for growth – Use step-sized building blocks for future data-center environments.
  • Compelling Economics - Use a single support vendor and automated updates to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) ,OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Oracle licensing on VxRack Systems - Understand about oracle DB licensing under VxRack environment.


Available immediately to general public on Download here


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A blog to explain the paper. Click here. To get a presentation for this paper, click here.


Indranil Chakrabarti, Sam Lucido


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When we look at any typical organization’s pain points, we see that maintaining a stable performance comes at its top priority/challenges with exponential increase in the volume of data along with other following challenges:-


  • Complexity in handling structured & unstructured data with varied business requirements, performance SLAs etc.
  • Different direct and indirect constraints imposed on database Scalability due to various isolated restriction on data center components like servers, networking, storage etc.
  • Manageability and access issues of database as the amount of data generated and collected are exploding.
  • Protecting the data at any cost as it will hit the reputation and goodwill of a company not to mention about the impending costs.
  • Ways to ingest/consume data by eliminating inefficiencies, automating processes and improving productivity.


When I looked into the above challenges, I was trying to think of a single vendor solution which will take care of all the issues mentioned above in a cost effective manner which will not only reduce the Capex and Opex substantially but will also facilitate the Oracle DBAs to contain the daily firefighting.  At this moment I can only think of using Hyperconverged infrastructure(HCI) which will take care of all the issues mentioned above. Within the HCI domain, the Dell EMC VxRack is considered to be the best choice.

Let me now introduce VxRack as depicted in Figure 1. VxRack is a turnkey hyper-converged solution powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. These systems consist of pre-loaded software and compute, storage, and network components in a hyper-converged stack co-engineered by Dell EMC and VMware.VxRack capable of supporting both traditional and cloud-native workloads. VxRack starts with as few as 8 Dell PowerEdge server nodes and scale up by adding nodes one at a time, or scale out by adding racks. The domain of a single VxRack system can be 190+ nodes, spanning more than 8 cabinets, with PowerEdge R630 or R730xd systems that bring greater capacity and 40 percent more CPU performance without costing more money. Anyone who isn’t a hyper-scale provider and/or doesn’t have a vast “hardware as service” team, VxRack is for them.



Figure 1: VxRack Systems




There are 2 flavors of VxRack which work equally well with Oracle databases namely:-

1. Dell EMC VxRack System FLEX (VxRack FLEX)

2. Dell EMC VxRack System SDDC (VxRack SDDC)


The benefits of using VxRack Flex are as follows:-


  • Asymmetric scale: Configure the hyperconverged infrastructure to add compute and storage capabilities to address specific workload requirements of Oracle databases.
  • Bare metal: Use a physical Oracle database infrastructure to fetch data from the hard disk (remain physical) in a hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Easy provisioning: Use automation to simplify management and storage lifecycle capabilities for efficient installation, running, and performance of Oracle databases.
  • Flexible personality support: Provision for multiple hypervisors and dedicated storage.
  • Elastic: Grow the system with more flexibility and options, as and when required, without application interruption or downtime.
  • Building blocks for growth: Use step-sized building blocks for future data-center environments.
  • Ready to use: Use a preconfigured, loaded, tested, and fully optimized IT stack, which is delivered from the factory as a fully assembled and supported solution to help run Oracle databases with minimal tuning of database configuration and performance parameters.
  • Compelling economics: Use a single support vendor, built-in management reporting, and automated updates to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and significantly improve your OPEX and CAPEX


The benefits of using VxRack SDDC are as follows:-

  • Dedicated Resource Pool : Workload domain feature that enables the creation of separate pools of resources that are dedicated to the Oracle databases
  • Lower TCO: Lower cost because the databases are part of a larger standardized infrastructure
  • Better Granularity level management: Ability to specify capacity, performance, and availability characteristics in an isolated workload domain.


VxRack Systems are ideal for Oracle databases because the infrastructure eliminates hardware complexities, and provides flexibility, performance, and protection at enterprise levels. For example, with the current VxRack System setup, database environment can be protected using Avamar software with the Data Domain system, Data Domain with Dell EMC DD Boos software for Oracle, and EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines. Enterprise-class support for the hyperconverged infrastructure with lifecycle-system assurance ensures the best system performance. Other benefits of using VxRack Systems include:


  • All-flash storage configurations maximize performance for mission-critical workloads. You can deliver sub millisecond performance for physical reads and writes for Oracle databases.
  • Extreme scalability, enabling growth and performance by adding nodes. Adding nodes is seamless and non-disruptive to an existing VxRack System, making expansion easy.
  • The advantages of using the VxRack System with Oracle databases include:
  • A hyperconverged solution accelerates standardization, speeds up deployment, and simplifies IT operations.
  • Support for the entire integrated stack is through a single support organization for all layers, which helps to refocus investment from OPEX to CAPEX.
  • The database infrastructure ensures continued compliance with Oracle database licensing.


In my next blog, I will talk more about the details of Oracle Database licensing on VxRack and its components.


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Running Oracle database on VxRail can be part of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).  SDDC is simply the logical extension of server virtualization. Analogous to the way that server virtualization dramatically maximizes the deployment of computing power, the SDDC does the same for all of the resources needed to host an application, including storage, networking and security.


Running Oracle database applications with a software defined datacenter and VxRail hyper-converged architecture, all resources are virtualized so they can be automatically deployed, with little or no human involvement. Database applications can be operational in minutes, shortening time to value and dramatically reducing IT staff time spent on application provisioning and deployment.


Faster Time to Value


The data center today is more than just a cost center—it is viewed by business users and executives as a competitive differentiator and strategic asset. Meeting and exceeding these expectations requires an automated infrastructure that can provision resources in minutes, not weeks, so that key applications are up and running quickly—and delivering business value. In the SDDC, resources are deployed automatically from pools, speeding the time to application rollout and providing an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the data center architecture. As a result, the organization has the agility to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace—and gain competitive advantage.


The integration of Oracle DBaaS into Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud fully supports Oracle users with a self-service environment. For IT, this results in an automated, repeatable process that reduces errors and improves time-to-value.


For the end-user to be able to request a multi-node clustered database on-demand, using the self-service portal is highly beneficial. It reduces significant time and effort otherwise required to deploy a cluster manually. The user simply makes the request and then receives an automated email with deployment details when the request is complete.



Minimize IT Spend


By pooling and intelligently assigning resources, the software-defined data center with VxRail maximizes the utilization of the physical infrastructure, extending the value of investments. The SDDC makes use of commodity x86 hardware (now support Dell PowerEdge), cutting capital spend and reducing on-going maintenance expenses compared to proprietary solutions. IT staff devotes less time to routine tasks, maximizing productivity. The net result is a dramatic drop in CapEx and OpEx spend—50 percent and more for some enterprises.


With intelligent Oracle licensing strategy and the effective isolation of virtual machines in a VMware environment, expensive Oracle applications license cost can be dramatically reduced.


Scalability and Performance


Based on VMware vSphere and VSAN software, and built with new Intel Broadwell processors, the VxRail Appliance allows you to start small and grow, scaling capacity and performance easily and non-disruptively. All-flash VxRail Appliances include efficient and in-line deduplication, compression, and erasure coding. With these enterprise-class data services VxRail delivers high performance all-flash with increased usable capacity.


Eliminate Vendor Lock-in


Today’s data center features a staggering array of custom hardware in routers, switches, storage controllers, firewalls, intrusion detection and other components. In the SDDC with VxRail, all of these functions are performed by software running on commodity x86 servers. Instead of being locked in to the vendor’s hardware, IT managers can buy commodity servers in quantity through a competitive bid process. This shift not only saves money, but also avoids situations where problems in the vendor’s manufacturing process or supply chain result in delivery delays and impact data center operations.


The VxRail Series integrates VMware Virtual SAN and virtualization to provide a complete Hyper-converged infrastructure.


VMware Virtual SAN is integrated in your VxRail Appliance to provide Software-Defined Storage (SDS).  Virtual SAN is not a VSA, but is embedded in the ESXi hypervisor kernel’s I/O data path. As a result,  Virtual SAN can deliver the higher performance with minimum CPU and memory overhead.


Virtual SAN pools the VxRail Appliance's internal SSDs and HDDs on the ESXi hosts to present a single datastore for all hosts in the cluster. Virtual SAN uses a highly available, distributed, object-based architecture. Virtual SAN mirrors and distributes the individual virtual disk (VMDK) across the datastore.


Free IT Staff for Innovation


The SDDC with VxRail includes a management framework with built-in intelligence to eliminate complex and brittle management scripts, enabling cloud-scale operations with less manual effort and significant cost savings.


The VxRail Series offers advanced features including automatic deployment, automatic scale out, fault tolerance, and diagnostic logging.


By integrating of Oracle DBaaS into Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, you can quickly and effectively provision, manage, and migrate Oracle Database 12c as a Service with ASM on Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. This includes single-instance and RAC configurations.


With less time spent on routine tasks, IT staff can focus on more strategic tasks that drive innovation—a key management expectation of the corporate IT function today.


Unmatched Efficiency and Resiliency


The SDDC provides a flexible and stable platform for any application, including innovative services such as high-performance computing, big data (Hadoop), and latency-sensitive applications. Provisioning and management are automated by programmable policy-based software. Changes are made and workloads balanced by adjusting the software layer rather than hardware. When a failure occurs, the management software in the SDDC automatically redirects workloads to other servers anywhere in the datacenter, minimizing service-level recovery time and avoiding outages.



More Options for High Availability and Recoverability 


HA solutions for Oracle databases are complex, costly, difficult to maintain, or altogether non-existent. VMware provides a lower cost, yet highly effective HA solution that is optimal for many workloads. If your DR solution is for the database only, you are missing out on DR coverage for the rest of the application stack required to make that database work. VMware encapsulates the application stack and, when coupled with proper configuration and testing of replication, provides as close to perfect recoverability as any solution can get.



Development/Test/QA Process and Flexibility


Developers need systems and data that are like production in every way possible. When they get quick access to production-like development environments, development time is reduced, and features are more robust on release.


Do you want to move your database workload from one licensed server to another? Do you want the advantages of a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment? Do you want to create live data-centers that are thousands of miles apart, and be able to swing back and forth between them? VMware virtualization, coupled with stretch storage solutions from EMC can facilitate these options.


The optimum environment to test on is production itself. That can be risky, however, since the production system needs to keep your organization running. VMware allows you to provide an exact copy of the production environment to the Test/QA team without impacting your critical systems.


Better Security


Not only does VMware create a minimalized attack profile with its small footprint hypervisor, but also advanced security features like Trusted Execution Technology from Intel allow virtual machines to validate security down to the chip level.










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VxRail Specification Sheet

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