VCE Vision is an advanced architecture for converged infrastructure management that discovers system health and compliance and federates the data so that  multiple system’s health and compliance can be managed from a single dashboard, as well as share that information with other IT management tools. The architecture is depicted in Figure 1.





Figure 1 : VCE VISION Software Architecture


The architecture is comprised of 2 main modules: Core and Multi-Systems Management (MSM). Both reside on each VCE System’s AMP (Advanced Management Platform), but in separate virtual machines. It communicates with VCE System components’ element managers and individual devices directly over a variety of southbound protocols and methods. It also Collects the data and transforms it into functional streams –  VCE System inventory, capacity, health, logs and events ; processes and stores the data in a PostgreSQL relational database management  system. Finally, it provides the Core services and applications with a common platform  (a RabbitMQ Message Broker) to send and receive messages asynchronously and ensures the persistence of messages until delivery to a consumer passes  data northbound to the MSM (for Vision dashboard visualization)  and  to third-party tools such as: VMware vCenter Web Client via a Plug-in.


After knowing the architecture of the product. the automatic question that comes to our mind is why we need the above product and why it is important. The average amount of resources(around 70%) that modern IT organization requires for operations is  just to “keeping the lights on” in order to perform many routine activities like Integrating technologies , upgrading them  with new firmware, monitoring and securing them. To put into perspective, the siloed nature of traditional infrastructure and operations are largely responsible for this high cost of operations and inefficiency. In this context, a large US manufacturer recently told me that they don’t even have the time to deploy new applications to drive new business. They have also stated that they need too many maintenance windows just for upgrading firmware.  Even worse -- untested releases cause outages! They need a proper panacea for all these nightmares.

I feel that VCE Vision software solves these problems  -- so we can spend less time “keeping the lights on” in our data center and devote more resources onto new projects that grow the business as depicted in Figure 2.


Figure 2 : Transition to Vision Dashboard

Each VCE System’s health and compliance status is on the dashboard directly below the top-level information as shown in figure 3.


Figure 3: Single Dashboard for Vision 3.3 software.




From Figure 3 users can know at-a-glance about converged system health and compliance risks around all VCE systems. It also helps us proactively to address risks before they impact  businesses – or escalate them quickly if they have impacted business. In figure 3 we see that a heat map gets generated which  indicates system health issues are evolving based on the availability of system architectures’ redundant components. In this figure 3 we also see many out-of compliance components and its type in the system “Failed components” which shows components that got failed in Vision’s automated RCM (firmware/software release)  and Security hardening policy compliance audits. All the benefits are discussed in side labels of figure 3. In short we get the following benefits from the VCE Vision software :-


  • Ensures system stability and optimization while lowering OPEX
  • Validates successful upgrades and pinpoints drift from compliance
  • Ensures strong security posture while lowering OPEX
  • Pinpoints drift from compliance for continuous policy enforcement
  • Save hours of labor and avoid human error in the upgrade process
  • “ Instead of looking in 97 different places, I can immediately see where the pain points are and act accordingly.” à Global Communications, Hosting and Cloud Service Provider
  • “It used to take 5 days with 12 hours of downtime for system updates …through Vision…1 day with zero downtime.” à Large North American University



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