AppSync 3.0 for SQL/Oracle/Windows File Systems

     New vLab Overview

AppSync is an EMC software that enables Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) with EMC’s Primary Storage.


AppSync simplifies and automates the process of generating and consuming copies of production data. By abstracting the underlying storage and replication technologies, and through deep application integration, AppSync empowers Application Owners to satisfy copy demand for Operational Recovery and Data Repurposing on their own. In turn, Storage Administrators need only be concerned with initial setup and policy management, resulting in an agile, friction-less environment.


AppSync automatically discovers application databases, learns the database structure and maps it through the Virtualization Layer to the underlying storage LUN. It then orchestrates all the activities required from copy creation and validation through mounting at the target host and launching or recovering the application. Workflows also include Refresh, Expire and Restore Production.



AppSync 3.0 for SQL, Oracle and Windows File System Feature Highlights


  • Physical, Virtual and mixed host environments across EMC Block and File storage.
  • Deep integration with Oracle, SQL, Exchange, and more.
  • Customer applications (EPIC, DB2, etc.) support through File System copies with Callout Script Integration to allow Freeze and Thaw.
  • Application Consistent, Crash Consistent and VM Consistent (with individual VM recovery) copies.
  • Snaps, Clone and RecoverPoint Bookmark.
  • On-Demand and Scheduled plans.
  • Repurpose wizard supports App Consistent copy creation followed by manual modifications.


Lab Module Highlights


This updated vLab, AppSync 3.0 for SQL, Oracle and Windows File Systems, based on AppSync 3.0 provides several use cases such as the following:


  • Installing the AppSync server software and deploying server plug-ins.
  • Browsing the AppSync Console.
  • Adding resources to AppSync, such as the VNX, Unity, vCenter, and Application Servers.
  • Demonstrating copy and recovery for SQL, Oracle, and Windows file systems.
  • Demonstrating repurposing for SQL and Oracle, which provides like-for-like production environments in a non-production landscape.



This vLab includes the following:


Lab 1: Browsing the AppSync Console


Lab 2: Adding Resources to AppSync (this lab must be completed before undertaking any other lab)

  • Adding the VNX storage array
  • Adding the host resources

              - Two Windows SQL database servers

              - Three Linux Oracle database servers


Lab 3: Managing SQL

  • Creating a Service Plan for automated daily copies for backup purposes on an alternate host
  • Utilizing Data Repurpose for testing and development purposes on an alternate host


Lab 4: Managing Oracle

  • Creating a Service Plan for automated daily copies for backup purposes on an alternate host
  • Utilizing Data Repurpose for testing and development purposes on an alternate host


Lab 5: Managing File System Replication

  • Creating a Service Plan for on-demand copy testing on an alternate host


Lab 6: Deploying a new AppSync 3.0 server and registering a UnityVSA storage array

  • Installing AppSync 3.0
  • Adding a UnityVSA storage resource



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Additional Resources

More information about EMC AppSync, such as sales and marketing, or technical presentations, along with links to recorded demonstrations can be found on EMC Support.


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