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Many customers are moving their Oracle databases to next generation platforms that provide private cloud capabilities including Database as a Service. If a customer needs to make such a move quickly, converged infrastructure systems are the best choice. But, there are challenges in deploying databases on these types of systems. Fortunately, Vblock can overcome many of the challenges that exist.


Databases only perform as well as the systems they run on. Designing a system to power a true high performance database requires platforms that offer extreme performance and interoperability, as well as a strong knowledge of tuning parameters that help streamline the operation of the database.The engineering resources and expertise required to design such a system are not generally available to all organizations. This leads many organizations to turn to specialized consulting services to help them piece together a high performing database system using high‐end specialized components from various hardware vendors.

Solution: Vblock System 540

Vblock  540 is industry’s first all-flash based, converged infrastructure for high performance mixed workloads and is designed as a converged architecture for the most demanding transactional and response‐time‐sensitive databases that are needed by today’s businesses. Like all Vblock Systems, the 540 system is comprised of compute (database, application, and management servers from Cisco), network (three‐layer network and SAN technologies from Cisco), and storage (XtremIO à All Flash Array).

The high database performance in a Vblock 540 can be achieved by a combination of technologies as summarized in Figure 1.




A Vblock system 540 performed over 2, 00,000 IOPS with a 250 microseconds average response time for OLTP workloads. EMC internal lab has performed some testing in controlled environment and the results are shown in Table 1 and Table 2.



Table 1: Read IOPS and corresponding response times achieved along with sessions scale used in a Vblock system 540.



Table 2: Performance Statistics of a provisioned virtual environment

From the metrics shown in Table 1 and Table 2, we can see that physical and virtualized Oracle databases can work with acceptable performance degradation in a Vblock 540 environment.

To summarize, the VBlock540 is designed with the highest performing and most reliable components from Cisco, VMware, and EMC. Fast servers, switches, and storage (XtremIO) are utilized to ensure the highest throughput and lowest query response times possible. This extreme high performance coupled with the flexibility, availability, compression and in-line deduplication and scalability of the VBlock 540 delivers tremendous value for today’s most demanding high performance databases.