31st March 2015 marks the day our very own Jeff Browning leaves EMC, we've decided it should be a day for socializing the best Jeff Browning quotes and comments from his colleagues, friends and followers in the world of IT. For sure, Jeff will remain active in the Storage or Virtualization areas, maybe not being at EMC will open up new frontiers? I know he has an active interest in NoSQL and what will challenge Oracle Corporation in Database Management in the coming years.


He goes by the name @OracleHeretic on Twitter, inventor of the Monster VM claws http://bit.ly/1CGVOJR


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Personally, it's been a great pleasure to work with Jeff. Superlatives are handed out lightly these days, but Jeff is deserving of every one of them. It helps that Jeff is confident, talkative and interesting to listen to, he also is the embodiment of supporting the team in every way from teaching the basics of how to do technical things to believing that empowering people is what he is good at. From the day he interviewed me to join EMC to now, I have come to know Jeff as a friend of everyone in the Oracle Technical Marketing team at EMC, as a team there is a sense of losing a character and thought leader - not going to dwell on that as with all change comes opportunity for those of us who remain.


You are welcome to use the comments here to leave your good wishes and memories of working with Jeff or seeing him present at the biggest Oracle and Virtualization conferences in the world over recent years.





Here's a few lines I recall from just the last year, I will update this page as more ideas come to mind;


"Jeff is an enigma, you have to meet him to really appreciate his presence"


"I will let Jeff tell that story, nobody else can really do it the justice it deserves"


"Jeff is an industry luminary, we invited him to give this presentation not just anyone from EMC, you're lucky you got his blessing!"


All the best Jeff, it's been a privilege to work with you at EMC and I look forward to dinner at VMworld sometime soon!


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