The New EMC VMAX3 Invites the Oracle DBA to the High-End Storage Party!


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With the new #VMAX3, you get up to 3X greater storage performance for #Oracle databases and mixed workloads #EMC


New #VMAX3 Application Awareness provides recommendations on how to increase #Oracle database performance #EMC


The New EMC VMAX3 Invites the Oracle DBA to the High-End Storage Party!




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On July 8, EMC publicly announced the new VMAX3 family, with Dynamic Virtual Matrix and HYPERMAX OS—comprised of the VMAX 100K, VMAX 200K, and VMAX 400K—as the first purpose-built enterprise data service platform for mixed workloads in hybrid clouds, delivering the agility and economics of the cloud with the control and trust Oracle DBAs expect of a VMAX.


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VMAX3 redefines high-end storage by delivering unprecedented power, scalability, and density. Using cutting edge industry leading technologies, VMAX3 is able to provide award winning performance and scale for Oracle environments. Leveraging a newly updated hardware and software architecture, the VMAX3 now delivers up to three times greater performance, providing the processing and bandwidth horsepower to meet the demands of even the largest Oracle workloads, including mixed database and application environments.



VMAX3 is the first enterprise data services platform purpose-built to deliver and manage predictable service levels at scale for hybrid clouds. It is based on the world’s first and only Dynamic Virtual Matrix that delivers agility and efficiency at scale. Hundreds of CPU cores are pooled and allocated on-demand to meet the performance requirements of dynamic mixed workloads. The VMAX3 provides up to three times the performance of previous generation arrays with double the density.





Running on the Dynamic Virtual Matrix is the new HYPERMAX OS—the industry’s first converged storage hypervisor and operating system that runs mission-critical data and application services with radically simple “single click” service level provisioning. The new storage hypervisor enables VMAX3 to redefine the Oracle Data Center by embedding data services (file/object, replication, data mobility) and application services (e.g., database tools, analytics, ETL) that traditionally would have run external to the array, bringing new levels of efficiency to enterprise workloads.





The new VMAX continues to leverage an updated Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) technology to dynamically move workloads to the right tier of storage (i.e. Fibre Channel, SATA & Flash), new in VMAX3 is the ability to quickly configure FAST using Service Level Objectives. Simply choose the level of service you want, using precious metals-based service levels, such as Platinum, Silver or Bronze, VMAX3 will configure FAST automatically to meet your requirements.



You can view the Service Level Objective Provisioning Demo video to learn more;







VMAX3 adds application-aware behavior intelligence which monitors Oracle database activity and then makes recommendations on how to increase performance based on predictive analytics. You can read Sam Lucido's VMAX Application Awareness! article, and view the VMAX Application Awareness demo to learn more;







Further, with the introduction of EMC ProtectPoint, VMAX3 dramatically increases performance for RMAN backup and restores of Oracle databases.


EMC ProtectPoint provides scripted-integration for Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), delivering backup and restore for Oracle databases directly from VMAX3 to an EMC Data Domain Backup Appliance, for rapid, reliable recovery, while eliminating the backup impact on the Oracle Database server, and also gaining the data reduction benefits of Data Domain.


You can expect dramatic improvements in backup and restore times compared to traditional backup technologies, and eliminate the need for alternative backup infrastructure.


You can view the EMC ProtectPoint Demo video to learn more;






Following on from the success of EMC's previous VMAX and VNX storage plug-ins for Oracle's Enterprise Manager 12c (EM12c). Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) can access real time and historical VMAX performance data through a new EM12c storage plug-in for VMAX3. The OEM plug-in enables dramatically more efficient performance and capacity planning and management for DBA’s.





That's been an introduction to the features that standout for Oracle DBAs to look forward to with the new EMC VMAX3 Enterprise Data Service Platform, I'm seriously jazzed about the potential for ProtectPoint to transform Oracle RMAN backup & restore operations, let me know in the comments section below what you think about the new VMAX3 and what is most important for you as an Oracle Database Professional.


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