Storage Integrated Data Protection, for Oracle Databases too!


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Storage Integrated Data Protection, for Oracle Databases too!


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On Tuesday, July 8th, EMC announced XtremIO 3, VMAX 3 and GA for ViPR 2 and ECS; along with the VMAX3 announcement came EMC ProtectPoint – an industry-first data protection offering that provides direct backup from primary storage to protection storage.


Let's first consider traditional backups, below you can see a good summary of the issues faced - ranging from the complexity of the required backup infrastructure, unpredictable impact on application and database servers, to lack of control by Application Owners and DBAs;



Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.03.12.png


EMC ProtectPoint provides a new and revolutionary approach, delivering the performance of snapshots with the functionality of backups, eliminating the impact of backup on the application environment, ensuring consistent application performance. Further, ProtectPoint enables fast recovery and instant access to protected data for simplified granular recovery, while removing the need for excess backup infrastructure, reducing overall cost and complexity.



Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.27.44.png



For more background and a high-level view of where ProtectPoint fits in EMC’s Data Protection Continuum, EMC’s AshishYanik, Senior Director of Product Management, Data Protection and Availability Division, has written an EMC Pulse blog “Best of Both Worlds Data Protection? Now it’s possible…”


As mentioned towards the end of Ashish’s blog, ProtectPoint will initially support backing up the new VMAX3 storage systems to EMC Data Domain systems DD4500, DD7200, and DD990 running DD OS 5.5, we should first mention the new VMAX3!


Introducing VMAX3: The industry’s first purpose-built data platform for hybrid clouds that delivers up to 3X performance. Redefining the Data Center to deliver the Agility and Economics of Cloud with Control and Trust


The new VMAX3 delivers always on six 9s enterprise availability with fault isolation, data integrity, and non-disruptive upgrades, completely protected with the industry’s premier disaster recovery / business continuity architecture, providing;

  • Rapid, reliable recovery: Directly back up to Data Domain with new EMC ProtectPoint to eliminate backup impact on application and database servers.
  • Cloud agility and economics: Using simplified provisioning with automated service level delivery across mixed workloads.
  • Workload mobility: Moving enterprise and modern application data within the system and across hybrid cloud to optimize performance and cost.


Redefining Data Protection for Oracle, with EMC ProtectPoint


By itself, although very compelling, enabling direct backup from primary storage to protection storage didn't sound like something DBAs could take advantage of. My own first thought was “that sounds great for Storage Administrators, but what good will it do for me as a DBA?”


I could not have been more wrong! From its first release, EMC ProtectPoint provides script integration with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) for Oracle 11g and 12c databases running on Unix (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) or Linux, eliminating backup impact from Oracle database servers and enabling the fastest possible backup and recovery.


EMC ProtectPoint does not require a database to be in ‘backup mode’ for the length of time it takes to protect the data. In addition, with ProtectPoint, backups are significantly faster since only unique blocks are sent from the primary storage to Data Domain. Recovery is also faster because every backup is stored as a full backup, which removes the overhead of recovering from full backups and their incrementals.


Much like Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications, ProtectPoint empowers application owners and database administrators to control their own backup and recovery. To achieve this, all cataloging and policy management is done via the application’s native utilities. For Oracle RMAN, EMC ProtectPoint provides the same control to Oracle DBAs as DD Boost for RMAN – being full control of backup, recovery and replication natively from RMAN.


To complete the picture of what was announced on July 8th for EMC ProtectPoint, the initial release is unique and exclusive to the new VMAX3 systems (VMAX 100K, 200K and 400K), with plans to provide support on VNX and XtremIO in 2015.


In a follow-up blog post (Introducing EMC ProtectPoint, with Oracle RMAN Integration!), I describe how EMC ProtectPoint works and explain what is meant by “enables … instant access to protected data for simplified granular recovery”. Intrigued?


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