AppSync is a GUI driven management interface to EMC array-based cloning, snapshot, and remote replication technologies and RecoverPoint local and remote replication technologies. With release 2.0 of AppSync intelligence around Oracle databases has been added. For those of you familiar with EMC Replication Manager (RM) and its use for Oracle databases AppSync now supports similar functionality.


Some GUI-driven scenarios:

1) For Oracle backups and restores users can subscribe their databases to a customizable service plan that say i. creates both local and remote clones, ii. creates only a local clone or iii. creates only a remote clone. The service plans can operate through AppSync's scheduler where the database is placed in hot backup mode before the clone is snapped off, and possibly mounted to a backup host from which to run a RMAN backup job. Alternatively the clone can be mounted to the production host and registered with the RMAN catalog to be used for RMAN restore operations at the level of granularity that RMAN supports.


2) Repurposing copies of a production source or copies off copies can be used for life cycle management of test, development, training, patching, reporting, etc environments. Mounting of these copies can be scheduled, mounted on alternative hosts, with changes, for examples, to the database name and SID. On-demand refreshes of the copies are also possible, so that control of the refresh can be passed to the relevant teams using the clones or snaps.


At the more general level AppSync allows for:

  • Mounting copies to alternative hosts
  • Mounting a copy with a new database name and SID, for example renaming from prod to test
  • Mounting to alternative mount points or renamed ASM disks
  • Making clones or snaps where the database is either placed in hot backup mode or shutdown first, or created as a write-ordered restartable image
  • Running pre- or post-clone/snap scripts, for example post-clone RMAN scripts
  • Scheduling clone and snapshot jobs


Supports Oracle database.

  • Oracle 11.2.x, Oracle 12c (does not include new 12c container features)
  • Supported on Linux - physical, virtual (pRDM, vDisk)
  • Supported on AIX- physical, NPiV
  • Supported with VMAX, VNX, RecoverPoint
  • Standalone, RAC, ASM


Support for VMAX

  • Oracle, File-Systems, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware DataStores
  • Local snaps, clones
  • Remote snaps, clones
  • Local/remote snaps of clones, clones of clones


Repurposing for Oracle databases residing on VMAX or VNX, AppSync supports the ad-hoc creation of Oracle database copies, followed by the creation of copies of those copies. This practice is referred to as Repurposing. The repurposed copies can serve many useful functions including test-dev, break-fix, data mining and reporting.

  • VMAX -- Local/remote snaps of clones, clones of clones
  • VNX -- Snap of snap


Support for generic filesystems includes:

  • Dynamic discovery of filesystems during Service Plan run
  • Protection, Mount and Restore
  • Supported on Windows, Linux, AIX

AppSync Backup Assistant - Backup and restore (rollback) the AppSync database.

AppSync host plug-in can coexist with NetWorker or Replication Manager agents.