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#EMC IT: Best practices for virtualizing your #Oracle database – #VMware datastores.


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Darryl B. Smith with EMC IT recently published a great new blog post called Best Practices for Virtualizing Your Oracle Database – Datastores, which is part 4 of a series. Here is an excerpt:


First off, my apologies for delaying the last part of this four part blog for so long.  I have been building a fully automated application platform as a service product for EMC IT to allow us to deploy entire infrastructure stacks in minutes – all fully wired, protected and monitored, but that topic is for another blog.


In my last post, Best Practices For Virtualizing Your Oracle Database With VMware, the best practices were all about the virtual machine itself. This post will focus on VMware’s virtual storage layer, called a datastore.  A datastore is storage mapped to the physical ESX servers that a VM’s luns, or disks, are provisioned onto. This is a critical component of any virtual database deployment as it is where the database files reside.  It is also a silent killer of performance because there are no metrics that will tell you that you have a problem, just unexplained high IO latencies.

Anyway, I love Darryl's stuff and highly recommend this blog post. Enjoy.

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