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VMworld 2014 looms, and the public voting for technical sessions is now open.


The following list includes EMC-sponsored sessions which are of interest to an Oracle audience:



There are a number of other EMC-sponsored sessions relating to Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA which are interesting, at least to me:


  • Session 1701 A Flash-Optimized Reference Architecture for Consolidating and Building a High Performance Virtualized Microsoft SQL Server Infrastructure on VMware
  • Session 2309 Reduce Your Business Risks and Lower Deployment Costs by Virtualizing SAP HANA
  • Session 1328 Choosing the Appropriate Storage Solutions for Microsoft Tier-1 Applications


Those interested in the Hadoop / OpenStack stuff might also enjoy these:


  • Session 1397 Benefits of Virtualizing Hadoop
  • Session 1314 Scaling Your Storage Architecture for Big Data - How the Isilon Server Fits Well with Virtual Hadoop Workloads


Public voting closes this Monday, i.e. May 12, at 5 P.M. PDT. Please vote early and vote often. Thanks!