In an article in the Register, EMC's CEO Joe Tucci, together with Pat Gelsinger, David Goulden and Paul Maritz, presented EMC's vision for the future of storage arrays. For the near term, EMC's take is that the sweet spot will consist of hybrid arrays, which include a mixture of mechanical disk and solid state drives. The following illustration from the article shows this idea:




While this event did not refer to Oracle explicitly (at least, not that I can determine fro the article), the relevance of this vision to Oracle database environments is readily apparent from EMC Proven Solutions such as this one: EMC VFCache Accelerates Oracle — EMC VFCache, EMC VNX, EMC FAST Suite, Oracle Database 11g which demonstrates the use of a hybrid array (together with EMC software such as FAST Suite) in the context of an Oracle OLTP workload.