VMOverEasy (www.vmovereasy.com) is a new Special Interest Group (SIG) that will be starting over the next month.  The VMOverEasy SIG is an independent group that spans the VMware, Oracle, EMC, Cisco, NetApp and VCE user communities.  The membership will initially be made up of Oracle ACEs, Oracle ACE Directors, Oracle Certified Masters, vExperts, MMVP, industry experts and authors who are recognized leaders in the VMware user community.  This includes VCAPs and VCDXs that are recognized experts in the Oracle, Microsoft and BCA space.

This SIG is a natural extension of the strong business relationships and friendships that have grown from VMware,  EMC, Cisco, NetApp, VCE, strategic VMware partners and VMware industry leaders who are constantly sharing knowledge and expertise in the VMware ecosystem.  The membership will define the direction of this group over time.  Initial goals of the VMOverEasy SIG include:

  • Defining a consistent message, vision and direction for VMware knowledge around Tier One Platforms within the  Oracle, VMware, EMC, NetApp and Cisco user communities.
  • Be an independent group but fully participate in the Oracle (IOUG), VMware (VMUG), EMC, Cisco and Microsoft (PASS) communities.
  • Maintain a consistent set of reference architectures, best practices, examples, customer experiences that span the VMware ecosystem that is made up of multiple separate vendor user groups.
  • Vet knowledge and set a standard of skill sets and expertise.
  • Set a brand for VMware expertise across the entire VMware ecosystem.
  • Define consistency across VMware (VMUG), Oracle (IOUG), EMC, Cisco, VCE and Microsoft (PASS)  user communities.
  • Be a Center of Excellence (COE) that spans the entire VMware virtualization and cloud eco-systems.