As Chad's recent blog post indicates, our organization is in a state of rapid growth and change. Chad is receiving new and additional responsibilities within our business, and that's a great thing. We will continue to churn out new and interesting content on this site, which will benefit you and your customers.


I have been thinking about the nature of the culture of EMC, and the transformation which is going on within it. I see several areas, similar to what Chad identified:


  • Web enabled, rather than email enabled. There are many examples of this, and the change is still proceeding. But as an example, last year our tradeshow participation, in major shows such as EMCWorld and Oracle OpenWorld, were planned almost entirely by sending Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents via email to various individual email accounts and distribution lists. This is changing rapidly. Many of these shows this year will be planned on ECN sites instead. The vast majority of this content, including session details, booth planning, staffing, and the like, will be created using the collaboration tools available on ECN. Another example is the creation of Proven Solutions content, which has been driven by email distribution up to this point, and is also transitioning to a web-enabled process. This form of collaboration is saves time, is more open and inclusive, and just plain works better than the old email paradigm
  • Overcoming NAS phobia. This was one of the first areas that Chad put me on when I went to work for him in Mid-Sized Engineering way back in 2005. EMC has been a very SAN / block centric company. For good reasons: We had an pretty tough time competing with NetApp in the IP storage space, and we were frankly dominant in the FC / block space. It was simply in our best interest to sell against the IP storage options, and push the customer towards FC. While I will not say that this change is complete within EMC, I believe that we are overcoming the propensity to sell against NAS, and instead are embracing IP storage. First of all, our IP storage offerings have improved so much since I have been at EMC, that we are now at least at parity with NetApp, and arguably ahead of them, especially in the Oracle / IP storage space. Take for example the session that Oracle sponsored at EMCWorld 2011, and that we then co-presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2011. (Wow!) This session was not on ASM over FC. No. Rather, it was on dNFS on IP Storage. I am also seeing the EMC field widely embracing the VNX / IP storage offering and recognizing that we can successfully compete with NetApp in this space at this point.
  • Virtualizing Oracle. This one is almost complete. However, it has been a huge, earth shaking, shift within EMC. Back in 2008, when I first presented on virtualizing Oracle using vSphere at VMworld, there was massive resistance within EMC to this combination. No longer. By 2011, the core message of EMC at Oracle OpenWorld was on the use of virtualization to improve the customer's experience with our technology in the Oracle space.


Sam and I are right in the middle of all three of these areas, especially the first one. It will be exciting to see things develop over this year, that's for sure!