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For all of you awaited XtremIO Support for SCOM and VMAX3, ESI 3.7 has been arrived !


Before upgrading, make sure to backup your customizations for SCOM !


Here is an extract of new features:


  • ESI VMAX Adapter now supports the new EMC VMAX3 and the VMAX3 service level
  • objectives (SLO) provisioning feature.
  • ESI adds support for advanced VNX snapshots and XtremIO snapshots !!!
  • ESI SCOM Management Packs now support XtremIO and VMAX3.
  • ESI PowerShell Toolkit adds new SQL Server PowerShell cmdlets.
  • ESI adds support for VPLEX GeoSynchrony 5.4 and AppSync 3.0.

There are also some discontinued functions, like Server 2008R2 and VNX File.

Make sure you read the Release Notes before Upgrading !!!

Here is the First Walkthrough of some basic functions of my SIOToolKit. Enjoy




Current exposed commands:



CommandTypeName                                          ModuleName
---------------                                          ----------
Function   Connect-SIOmdm                                SIOToolKit
Function   Connect-SIOVolume                             SIOToolKit
Function   Disconnect-SIOVolume                          SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOPDProperties                           SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOPoolProperties                         SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOSDC                                    SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOSDCProperties                          SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOSDS                                    SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOSDSProperties                          SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOVolume                                 SIOToolKit
Function   Get-SIOVolumeProperties                       SIOToolKit
Function   New-SIOSnapshot                               SIOToolKit
Function   New-SIOVolume                                 SIOToolKit
Function   Remove-SIOSnapshotTree                        SIOToolKit
Function   Remove-SIOSnapshotTreewithParents             SIOToolKit
Function   Remove-SIOVolume                              SIOToolKit
Function   Remove-SIOVolumeTree                          SIOToolKit
Function   Show-SIOPools                                 SIOToolKit
Function   Show-SIOSDCs                                  SIOToolKit
Function   Show-SIOSDSs                                  SIOToolKit
Function   Show-SIOVolumes                               SIOToolKit

For People interested in Powershell for ScaleIO, i started a Project on Github called SIOToolKit.

It is a wrapper for scli, wich is very fast and eliminates the need for complex sripting


You can download current mastersnaps from


See a demo how it works here:

See what santa has for you in 2014 at

Enjoy the fun !


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