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In the Pipeline
Microsoft Collaboration, Messaging and UC on VxRack  This solution addresses the growing and disrupting trend of hyper converged infrastructure for Microsoft messaging, collaboration and unified communication application based on VxRack System 1000 with ScaleIO for storage.
Microsoft SQL Consolidation on VxRail  This solution will highlight proven scalability for combined SQL Server workloads utilizing software defined storage that has been co-developed with VMware.  Additional benefits highlighted will include a description of the very flexible configurations options and a single support contact point.
Recently Released
EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) version 4.1 for Windows  New features included more than 20 new ESI PowerShell Toolkit cmdlets,  XtremIO support enhancement,  Unity VVOL Management using the ESI GUI and PowerShell,  VMAX3/VMAX AF Snapshot management for using Snap VX, and much more.  Read more>
BLOG Recoverpoint for Virtual Machines:  DR for Microsoft vApps Answers the question “How can application consisting of multiple VMware VM’s be continuously replicated to a DR site?”  RP4VM’s facilitates DR and operational recovery of Virtual Machines of all types. Read more>
BLOG Discovering Unity with SQL Server  Describes 300F All-Flash storage system single integrated architecture for block, file, and VMware Virtual Volumes that increases its applicability in consolidation scenarios.  Covers topics including performance, backup/restore, copy management and DR protection. Read more>
BLOG  TempDB on PCIe flash or not?  PCIe flash is fast. It is located in the server and is just inches away from the CPU.  But there are limitations.  Read the results from a recent POC comparing PCIe flash to an XtremIO all-flash array for SQL Server TempDB performance and management.  Read more>
Global Services News
What Influences Your Cloud Strategy for Microsoft Apps? For most organizations, some form of transition to cloud is inevitable. As you’re defining your cloud strategy, you’ll either choose to adopt, plan for future transition or justify why you’re not doing so. Learn more about who is moving Microsoft applications to the cloud and some key considerations in doing so. Learn More and Share Here >>
Preparing Microsoft Applications for Transition to Cloud. You may, as the majority of enterprise customers already have, choose a hybrid implementation of Office 365 for your Microsoft applications. But there are many variables which will factor into the decision making process including backup & recovery, functional parity and migration. Learn More and Share Here >>
Professional Services for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Designed to provide the best messaging solution—whether on-premises, Office 365-based, or a hybrid—Dell EMC is uniquely qualified to modernize, automate, and transform messaging infrastructure and maximize investments in hybrid cloud and converged infrastructure. Learn More Here >>
Industry News and Events
Microsoft's Massive Azure Extension into the Enterprise   IT pros and developers can build and extend containerized workloads and applications to its network- and compute-enhanced Azure public cloud -- and vice versa  Read more>
Dell EMC Expands Broad Microsoft Support, Delivering New Innovations across Cloud, Converged Infrastructure  “For more than 30 years, Dell EMC and Microsoft have focused on delivering best in class, innovative solutions that span the entire Microsoft product portfolio to organizations all over the world,” said Jim Ganthier Read more>
Nine-in-ten IT professionals say cloud is making them learn new skills  The Microsoft Ignite 2016 Cyber Security Survey, questioned 140 IT workers who attended the Microsoft Ignite event. It also found that one in three respondents believed the cloud could be the end of traditional IT security teams, while 20% felt the cloud made it harder to track IT assets.  Read more>
Microsoft's Consortium Blockchain Hits Azure Marketplace  Project Bletchley, Microsoft's consortium blockchain is now available in the company's cloud app marketplace, while cool blobs now are in more Azure regions. Read more>
Microsoft’s Surface Studio beats Apple’s Macbook Pro 8 to 1 in Viral Share charts the Surface Studio is widely believed to be more innovative than the MacBook Pro.  From @mspoweruser Read more>
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