Pass Survey.pngAs SQL Server database environments continue to increase in size and complexity, so does the challenge of maintaining the performance and availability of business-critical systems. To identify the key technologies and strategies being deployed by SQL Server sites to respond to these challenges, Unisphere Research recently completed a survey of 357 participants in partnership with the Professional Association for SQL Server.  The survey focused on 4 major topics of importance to the SQL Server community including, availability, automation, virtualization, and cloud services.

The findings from the survey provided a valuable opportunity to learn how other SQL Server sites are managing up time and availability, leveraging virtualization and utilizing cloud services both today and in the near future.  Survey results also include key benefits and challenges that SQL Server professionals are evaluating in making decisions.

A sneak preview of the important findings from the SQL Server survey are discussed in a recorded web seminar held on November 3, 2016 by Unisphere Research. The web conference included a panel discussion of database and virtualization experts from Unisphere Research, VMWare, and Dell EMC that have been involved in the research project.  The panelists were:



Joseph McKendrick

Lead Research Analyst

Unisphere Research

Don Sullivan



Sam Lucido


Technical Applications Marketing

Dell EMC

Phil Hummel

Technical Marketing Engineer

Dell EMC






pass virtualization.png

During the webinar we presented many of the significant findings from the survey.  A more detailed paper with all the results is currently being prepared. Some highlights from the survey presented in the web conference include:

  • Use of flash in all categories of storage is growing
  • Two-thirds of respondents have seen advantages from employing virtualization within their SQL Server environments.
  • The leading challenge for automation is its perceived complexity, cost, and the need to acquire new skills.
  • Private cloud is delivering the most tangible benefits.
  • Up time and availability are the leading concerns with both private and public clouds


In the face of increasing pressure to reduce costs and the ever-growing need for better agility, many IT departments are seeking ways to automate routine tasks and free up resources.  This survey can help managers and practitioners assess where they are in relationship to the survey respondents as an aid to better planning and resource allocation.  The recording from the web conference can be located here:

Virtualizing Your SQL Server Databases and Moving to The Cloud


We will have more information to share from the survey when the final report is available.  Please follow this community to receive email notification when new content is posted.  We also hope you will use the comments section below for any questions or comments.


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