Copy Management for the Modern Era

XtremIO Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM)  enables the ability to consolidate both primary data and associated copies on the same scale-out all-flash array for unprecedented agility and efficiency.  We talked to lots of SQL Server professionals at the PASS Summit 2015 about this and we are starting to change some minds.  For years, the storage industry, including EMC, recommended against putting dev/test, reporting and other types of workloads on the same array with production.   Remember the old "noisy neighbor" analogy that said one application could hog all the storage controller or disk pool resources and therefore impact the response latency of everything else on the array?  That was a real concern with early generation arrays.  A lot has changed since then and it's time to review old "best practices" like never mix data and log files on the same pool of disks or never mix reporting and production databases on the same array.


Consolidation Without Comprise

icdm.pngXtremIO pioneered the concept of integrated copy data management as part of the core architecture of the product.  The need to write data evenly across all the available cells in flash media in order to preserve the life of the SSDs meant that the design team looked at innovative ways to do more in-flight and in-memory operations than what had ever been done before.  Because the array was designed with both the speed and special needs of flash in mind, the architects were able to invent new approaches for creating, deleting, and refreshing XtremIO Virtual Copies (XVC).


I wrote an article on my @GotDisk blog titled "Why are you taking snapshots of databases?" that talks in-depth about how snapshots are implemented in traditional storage pool based storage.  XVC technology is much different. With XVC, copy management is handled as unique in-memory metadata operations with no back-end media or network impact. XVC allows instant,

high performance copies of any data set, in nearly any quantity desired, entirely

space- efficient, write-able copies, with data services like inline deduplication and compression.  The power of providing instant available, fully write-able copies for any of your downstream environment needs can change the way your organization develops applications, reports to the business, and does data protection.


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