Following the great feedback we received from our customers on SQL Solutions Days, we are now planning Exchange and SharePoint Solution Days. During these events customers will learn about new solutions that provide improved productivity, eliminate risk, and transform IT to offer messaging and collaboration as services and maximize the return on IT investment. EMC’s Messaging and Collaboration Solutions team has partnered with Insight to pilot our first Exchange and SharePoint Solution Days. The event will kick off with market trends, and why EMC Solutions for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Following, you’ll learn more about EMC IT’s own transformation for Exchange and SharePoint following with a customer presentation on how they used EMC to transform their environment. In the afternoon, you’ll meet 1x1 with EMC to discuss 3 of the topics below most applicable to your business.


Optimize Exchange and SharePoint through Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Learn the benefits of converged infrastructure optimizing the management of your Exchange and SharePoint environments. EMC and Insight will discuss the options available and the best fit for your specific scenario.


Deliver Exchange and SharePoint as a service with a Hybrid Cloud

Deep dive on deploying and managing Exchange and SharePoint Server as part of EMC's and Insight’s solutions for cloud. These fully engineered cloud solutions showcase the best of Microsoft, VMware and EMC technology. This session explores how to implement a system that will automate the provisioning, monitoring, and reporting of Exchange and SharePoint Server. All while you are managing your private cloud and your public cloud environments as one seamless cloud fabric.


Data Protection for Exchange and SharePoint

Exchange and SharePoint have become mission critical applications that must have near constant access to their data.  These systems have become the primary tools used to communicate within and outside of an organization.  One can ill afford to be without these systems or their data for any length of time. EMC protects Exchange and SharePoint data and makes it available to you through a methodology we call, “The Data Protection Continuum”.   By utilizing best of breed data availability, backup, recovery, archiving, and discovery recovery solutions, you can rest assured that your organization’s valuable Exchange and SharePoint data is fully protected and accessible.


The Next Frontier in Messaging: Exchange on XtremIO

Maximizing performance and efficiency of Exchange data management on XtremIO.  Showcase performance gains, utilization improvement through deduplication, and increased efficiency in managing multiple Exchange instances.


Highly Scalable Strategies for Microsoft Messaging & Collaboration

This solution discussion takes the good from MSPA and blends it with your real-world environment.  Let’s discuss how you can take a set of physical servers and basic network equipment to realize the feasibility and scalability of a software-defined infrastructure to facilitate management and deployment of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Server in your environment.


To start, we are targeting Minneapolis,MN, Irvine,CA, Phoenix,AZ and Northern California, which will likely occur in the August timeframe. Can’t take time away from the office? We will also start piloting customer webinars in August on our newest solutions for Exchange and SharePoint. Stay tuned for more information!