Big data and analysis of it have become ubiquitous concepts.  But, analyzing the massive amount of data we generate on a daily basis can be challenging. Data is growing at a mind blowing rate doubling every 18 to 24 months.  Not only is it challenging to deal with the explosion of data, but it is equally challenging to define the value associated with analyzing all of this data.  It is even harder to determine the benefit of extracting the hidden value contained within specific information sharing platforms such as messaging and collaboration systems.  This blog will describe the value one can derive from analyzing these systems and how the EMC Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL) can help you access this treasure trove of information.


The amount of digital information contained within messaging and collaboration systems is staggering.  IDC estimates that over 90% of the world’s digital information is in the form of unstructured content such as emails, video, instant messages, documents, and other formats.  This information is locked within messaging and collaboration systems that are often made up of disparate repositories making it difficult to access the data to take advantage of the value within.  Let’s put this into even clearer perspective.  The same IDC study indicates that 61% of an organizations knowledge workers access 4 or more systems (knowledge workers include engineers, skilled task workers, researchers, sales people, analysts, managers, IT staff, executives, and other professionals).  Almost half of the time, those knowledge workers cannot find the information they sought out.  However, according to IDC some organizations are more adept at unlocking the value from the vast amounts of messaging and collaboration data they possess.  IDC defines this capability as the Knowledge Quotient (KQ).  Organizations with a high KQ are five times more likely to reap the value hidden within messaging and collaboration systems.  Conversely, organizations with low KQs can waste as much as $5.7M annually unsuccessfully looking for the information they need to operate their organizations.

IDC knowledge quotient.jpg

The EMC Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL) provides the platform organizations need to consolidate all of their data into one repository so it can be analyzed for strategic advantages.


  • EMC provides dynamic block and HDFS to enable simple deployment and configuration of storage
  • VMware provides the virtual infrastructure and management platform to streamline the management and provisioning of the EMC and Pivotal technologies allowing organizations to quickly implement a data analytics solution.
  • Pivotal provides the core data analytics platform to ingest,process, and analyze the data


In addition to these components, EMC is creating solution accelerators, fully validated reference architectures and implementation guides to help customers implement the solution. The solution accelerators include:


  • Data Manager – Ensures data ingested is placed in the right repository all the while enabling more efficient searching capability.
  • Data Governor – Applies policies for data usage, security parameters, and access control for the data.
  • Data and Analytics Catalog – Provides a single-pane access to the data lake for users or applications accessing the data.


With the FBDL you can increase your organization’s Knowledge Quotient.  You will gain access to new information and make strategic decisions faster than ever. In an increasingly more competitive environment one cannot afford to miss out on any opportunity.  The FBDL will give you access to new insights allowing you to operate more efficiently than ever before.