Data Protection for Exchange & SharePoint


Most Exchange administrators look at data protection and yawn.  SharePoint administrators look at backup and cringe.  For Exchange admins, backups are boring; actually, VERY boring, time consuming, and frustrating to schedule, monitor, and remediate backups.  For SharePoint Admins, backups are complicated.  SharePoint Farms are multi-server octopus-like entities with dependencies, linkages, and fragile indexes that need each other in order to function properly.


A complete contrast to backups, there is nothing more anxiety producing than working through a failed data restoration issue. Restores are exciting, but often for all the wrong reasons. What is EMC doing to make backups more exciting and restores less anxiety producing?  The engineers at EMC have developed a suite of tools to address backup reliability, restoration confidence, and make monitoring and remediation of data protection fun.  Yep, I said "fun".


I know what you are thinking… “this guy is crazy!”. How could protecting data possibly be fun?!  He must be a geek… Well… I might be a geek, but let me show you what I'm talking about in a demo. At the center of the EMC Data Protection Suite is a software package called Data Protection Advisor.

The demo is about eight minutes long so grab a drink and stay focused.  This demo may change your entire perspective on backup and recovery.


In a couple of weeks, I'll post a follow-up to this where we'll talk about restoring data elements — like individual emailmessages, SharePoint content (files) and how to index all of it so your legal team will be buying you lunch every Friday!  Talk to you then.  Enjoy.