In my last blog, I covered my thoughts from SQL PASS 2014 which took place in Seattle in early November. Immediately following this year’s summit, we kicked off the pilot sessions for “SQL Server DBA Days”. I’m going to break out the overview of SQL Server DBA Days in the format of WWWWW…  or rather Who, What, When, Where & Why.


Who was our target audience?

For the first set of workshops we focused on existing EMC customers but on the persona of the DBA. We didn’t just limit our audience to the DBA, but we also did not seek to invite anybody with a storage centric background.


What content was covered?

We focused on the following topics:

  • Maximizing Flash Performance for SQL Server
  • DevOps & DaaS Simplified (EMC Hybrid Cloud)
  • Continuous Availability & Protection


When & where was this?

So far we have executed 3 of these training workshops with 3-5 more being scheduled for Q1 of 2015.


Completed: New York City (11/11), New Jersey (11/12), Boston (11/19)


Why did you do this?

Our goal was to educate the DBAs in existing EMC accounts on the features and functionality of our products… which they likely already have available but may not know about today.


If they happen to see a feature that ties back to a product they don’t yet have… they are now enabled with an understanding of what is available and maybe they lobby for some new products. We wouldn’t be upset with this result. The bottom line though is that we didn’t go out actively seeking to generate sales but if it happened great. We really just wanted to get out there and make sure our workshop resonated with audience.


We make investments in the area of SQL Server; the site you are on now for example… Everything Microsoft @ EMC. This community site is used for sharing our content around solutions and integration for Microsoft. Please take the time to subscribe to make sure you get notified of new content as it gets added.


We also have a number of Microsoft specialists (MSpecialists) in the field. These are regional resources that can help you bridge the communication gap that may exist in your company between DBAs, application owners, storage admins, infrastructure teams and executives.


The results?

Pretty great. The net result is that well over half of all attendees requested customized follow-up meetings to dig deeper into their company’s unique challenges around SQL Server. In general, I would say that the content was delivered at a 200 level with some questions being asked at the 100 level, but also with many 400 level questions. The best way to ensure that you can get all the answers to your questions at the pace that best suites your needs...   engage your local MSpecialist!


Next steps?

Interested in meeting with a Microsoft specialist?  Please reach out to your account team. Don’t already have one?


Are you an EMC employee interested in hosting a SQL Server DBA Day in your region?  Please reach out to me with any questions you may have on the availability to hold a workshop in your region.


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