sharepoint.pngMicrosoft SharePoint 2013 is a collaboration and content management platform that brings new capabilities to share knowledge, organize projects and discover people and information. This application is used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

SharePoint provides more control over the infrastructure with more efficiency managing multiple workloads, additionally with the benefit of virtualization technologies you can increase server consolidation reducing the amount of administrative effort and reducing costs.


Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provides new functionalities for Cloud and Office 365, Enterprise Social, Enterprise management and Mobile Apps. These new capabilities increase value protecting business application, reducing cost and management as part of IT Transformation.

SharePoint farm is a set of sites, lists, libraries and items stored in content databases. EMC offers a variety of Solutions to provide availability, protect, consolidate, and improve performance with low cost.


EMC VNX Unified Storage for Microsoft SharePoint


EMC provides different solutions to improve performance and availability in SharePoint environments to support business applications.



Data Protection


EMC Data Protection allows you to protect SharePoint environment in your recovery time and recovery objective requirements

This is a simple solution for Enterprise SharePoint farm for your Datacenter and remote offices.



EMC Data Protection uses VSS interface to collect all the SharePoint farm information about servers and the location of the databases and files.This information will be use to recover the full farm or for a granular site level recover. The backup could be done to disks or to Data Domain system using deduplication technology.


EMC Data Protection provides item level Recovery via Ontrack PowerControl; this is a very efficient solution for small and large SharePoint Farms. We can recover SharePoint web applications, site collections, sites, lists, libraries and son on.


Metalogix and Ontrack PowerControl Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint BLOB Data


Microsoft SharePoint is growing very quickly during the last years relying on SharePoint as business critical application. Files, videos, office documents are an example of unstructured data that are stored in SharePoint content database with the associate metadata.  BLOB data can consume lots of space in the SQL database and would impact in the performance of some of the normal SharePoint daily tasks.


To improve performance, management and reduce costs we can store BLOB externally reducing SQL Database storage size. EMC and Metalogix have partnered to bring Enterprise solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Applications.

SharePoint BLOB Storage Solution with Metalogix and EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS Solution provides efficiency externalizing BLOB data outside the SQL Server database and increase performance with EMC Isilon scale-out NAS.



  • Externalizing BLOB Data with Metalogix StoragePoint and SharePoint EBS/RBS provider shrink SQL Databases by up to 95%.
  • Transparent to end users
  • Increase efficiency with over 80% storage utilization for BLOB data with EMC Isilon scale-out NAS
  • Simplicity management with monitoring and reporting tools.


Isilon scale-out NAS is simple to install and use. EMC Isilon OneFS operating system distributes data uniformly across all the nodes in an Isilon Cluster, this feature reduces costs, complexity and risks for scaling storage.


Metalogix StoragePoint recognizes when multiples copies of the same BLOB are stored in SharePoint library and will maintain only one copy improving storage efficiency.

Microsoft SQL Server stores all the data in Tier 1 block storage, which is very expensive; externalizing BLOB data will reduce the size of your SQL Database and the space on Tier 1 storage. Metalogix and Isilon Solution enable SharePoint to store BLOBs on a cost effective Isilon scale-out. To optimize BLOB storage resources, Isilon SmartPools software helps to automate storage tiering infrastructure.