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Attractive and Collaborative Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI and SharePoint

Rafal Lukawiecki, Irland


Rafal Lukawiecki  delivered a an exceptional keynote on on BI and SharePoint with some impressive online demos using some of the tools on Microsoft Excel and also some of the new functionalities of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI

The main message is leverage BI for analyzing and processing data from multiple data sources, of course including SharePoint. We are involved in the data explosion and there is a transformation opportunity that it is ideal for technology and economics


The main purpose of Business analytics is extract knowledge from data, validate, simplify and visualize. Microsoft business analytics platform uses different tools to achieve this: Excel, Power BI and SharePoint and SQL Analytics Platform system PDW

The future of BI starts now using strategic hybrid cloud platforms to facilitate data processing and management Power BI SharePoint Online and Office 365 will help us to work in this environment.


Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 offers a collection of features to visualize, discover, process and manage data in a collaborative environment in your organization. Some of the Excel services available as Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map along with new features as Power BI Sites, Power BI Windows Store App and Query and Data Management bring a complete collaborative online environment.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 12.25.44 PM.png

I have attended to different sessions about Power BI and SharePoint Online with demos of collaboration between SharePoint and Yammer, creating reports after collecting and analyzing email data.

Very interesting to see how we can collect data from different tools like Twitter and how are processed, managed and visualized in a report for the final user using Analytics for Twitter and Office 2013.

analytics twitter.png


Making Sharepoint strategic delivered by Eric Riz, SharePoint MVP. Interesting vision about SharePoint as Enterprise System in an organization using as   productivity and collaboration tool.


Think about IT strategy in this transformation period, it is the key of a successful business application implementation. SharePoint is a pillar in your IT strategy but is not your strategy.


Meet with your internal departments and discuss business strategic with the application owners: HR, Marketing, IT, Business apps, etc..


  • Define your principles and goals
  • Create value for your business
  • Classify business information
  • Develop an education strategy
  • Develop an ongoing plan with metrics after your analysis


Defining and creating value for our business will be ono of the most important steps in our SharePoint implementations, we need to identify the pains, asks questions to the lead solutions, classify the needs and expectations and develop a success strategy. Setting metrics after our data content analysis based in the expectations will create impact in the results.


Data migration from On-Prem to the Cloud is not the answer, we have to analyze, and identify what are the most relevant data, if our data are not strategic, our SharePoint implementation will not be strategic.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 12.28.32 PM.png


Communication is also very important in a strategic plan. We have a bunch of social tools that might help in create the value, analysis and process the relevant data content and communication.


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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
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