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by Sam Marraccini (@EMCMSFT)


2012 is shaping up to be a non-stop technology filled ride with new products, new integration and just cool stuff!   If you spend your day with Microsoft Application keep up to date with the latest by following me on twitter @EMCMSFT


EMC is a Diamond Sponsor of the SQL Server 2012 launch.  EMC is participating in the global launch including the virtual launch event March 7th, you can register here.  You can expect much more here and on future episodes of Inside the Partnership here.


In addition to the SQL launch we are busy preparing for the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), EMC World, and Microsoft Teched.  Look for lots of new technology announcements at all three shows.   And that's in the first half of the year!


I recently sat down with John Terescik.  John is largely responsible for the direction of EMCs Systems Center integration across EMC products.  With the highly anticipated launch of System Center 2012, EMC is preparing for the Microsoft Management Summit.  EMC is once again a Gold Sponsor of MMS.  John and I spoke about what that means.   For a summary of MMS2011, check out Inside the Partnership Episode #2



The Microsoft Management summit will lead us into EMC World.  Look for lots of announcements and new integration with Microsoft technologies, much more to come from EMC World.


EMC is once again a Platinum Sponsor of Microsoft Teched.  If you think we did it big in 2011, just wait till 2012.   For a recap of EMC at Microsoft Teched 2011 check out Inside The Partnership Episode #6


Thanks for watching.  To be notified of the latest Inside The Partnership videos, follow me on twitter @EMCMSFT and subscribe to Inside the Partnership on the
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PST Capture helps you search your network to discover and then import .pst files across your environment - all from a straightforward admin-driven tool. PST Capture will help reduce risk while increasing productivity for your users by importing .pst files into Exchange Online or Exchange Server 2010 - directly into users' primary mailboxes or archives.


The tool looks pretty straight forward... hopefully this finally gets the ball rolling for some companies with unmanaged PSTs proliferating thought their environments.

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