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Everything Cloud at Dell EMC

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In 2015 we will generate more new digital content than ever before in history. According to the most recent EMC Digital Universe study the amount of digital content we are managing will grow by 10x by the end of this decade. As a result, IT infrastructures are continuing to expand and become more complex making it more difficult, if not impossible to continue to use manual processes to maintain IT security, and optimize workload placement.


Cybersecurity has been a major public concern after numerous recent data breaches suffered by companies that include JPMorgan Chase & Co., Target Corp., Sony Pictures Entertainment, and most recently health insurer Anthem. A new approach is needed. As a major enterprise technology provider our customers look to EMC for help.

Two of our leading researchers in IT analytic's are EMC DE - Yael Villa, and Alon Kaufman. Next week they will be presenting next generation IT analytic's solutions at Mobile World Congress. Next generation IT security and workload placement leverage Big Data technology. I had the opportunity to talk with Yael and Alon this week.

What are the major challenges for Cloud Service Providers?

Yael/Alon: As the size and complexity of infrastructures continue to increase at an exponential rate, cloud service providers face the overwhelming and unprecedented challenge of capturing, managing, processing and analyzing huge amounts of operational data in order to secure, optimize, and reduce costs to provide their services. Every operator is searching for new ways to increase revenues and profits during a time of stagnant growth in the industry. A new approach is needed. Cloud Service Providers are racing to take advantage of new data analytics technologies to deliver services faster, more securely at a lower cost. Most operators conduct analytics programs that enable them to use their internal data to boost the efficiency of their networks, segment customers, and drive profitability with some success. But the potential of big data poses a different challenge: how to combine much larger amounts of information to increase revenues and profits across the entire value chain, from network operations to product development to marketing, sales, and customer service — and even to monetize the data itself.

Some examples of use cases that can be address by Big Data and Data Science approaches:

  • Optimizing routing and quality of service by analyzing network traffic in real time
  • Analyzing call data records in real time to identify fraudulent behavior immediately
  • Allowing call center reps to flexibly and profitably modify subscriber calling plans immediately
  • Tailoring marketing campaigns to individual customers using location-based and social networking technologies
  • Using insights into customer behavior and usage to develop new products and services


The cloud service providers that integrated Big Data and Data Science into their operations will be most successful.

Why is the EMC Federation a unique partner for Cloud Service Providers?

Yael/Alon: The EMC Federation is a unique partner for cloud service providers with our many years of experience providing storage, identify management, virtualization, and management products that power many of the services available today. The massive IT infrastructure scale supported by cloud service provider’s present unique challenges compared to traditional enterprise customers. As our industry transitions to more mobile, Big Data, and web applications the IT services that supports these applications need will only grow. Few IT providers have our knowledge and history of success.

The EMC Federation understands the challenges cloud services providers are facing and have been adjusting our product portfolio with new software defined infrastructure, and next generation analytics tools from Pivotal. In 2015, we are bringing these products together to deliver complete solutions. Our Security Analytics Suite is one example of EMC Federation solutions. We are leveraging our sophisticated RSA security algorithms in combination with Pivotal Big Data analytic's suite to analyze massive amounts of data generated by your infrastructure in near real time to identify behavior anomalies. Automation reduces risk and costs to secure the next generation of services customers are demanding.

Big Data analytic's is not just limited to improving security. We are leveraging these same architectures to optimize workload placement based on application requirements and the current infrastructure workload. The ability for a cloud service provider to move workloads around to guarantee performance and lowest cost is critical for many next generation solutions. Next generation IT infrastructures will be highly automated using Big Data and Data Science to reduce risk, improve service availability, and reduce cost.


It is very exciting to see the EMC Federation product portfolio being leveraged to provide differentiated solutions for cloud service providers. I believe Big Data and Data Science is going to be key to creating the next leap in IT automation. The EMC Federation is one of the few partners that offer the breadth of products, experience, and expertise to the cloud service provider industry. I am looking forward to Yael and Alon’s presentation at MWC on Wednesday March 4th at 2pm and further discussions on this topic. more information about EMC activities at MWC are available at: Everything EMC at Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the biggest IT events yearly. It is the major event for IT service providers, and telecommunications providers. This year’s MWC will be held next week in Barcelona, Spain. Next week the industry will be given the opportunity to see the importance of the EMC Federation companies to service providers generally and telecommunications transformation in particular. EMC, VMware, and Pivotal provide critical foundation products such as storage, compute virtualization, provisioning automation, management, analytic's, and security that power the services provided by the world’s leading IT service and telecommunications providers. This year we are also going to begin sharing the solutions developed by the EMC Federation of companies.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. David Hudson today. David is leading our EMC Federation solutions program for the telecommunications market. David has many years of experience in this industry and recently joined EMC to coordinate our cross federation efforts and has been meeting with some of the world’s largest cloud service and telecommunications providers to review EMC’s strategy. I have been working with David to coordinate our content at MWC and I had the opportunity to ask him these three questions:

What is the biggest challenge this industry is facing?

DH: The need to dramatically reduce operating expense by being able to automate the redeployment of IT assets dynamically based on customer demand. Customers are demanding faster service times and lower costs and the companies that will thrive will get good at this fast.

What does the industry expect of EMC?

DH: Traditionally EMC has been a trusted provider of products and services. Our products have years of run time in this industry with the highest uptime, and serviceability. As the IT landscape is changing and service providers are looking to implement new architectures based on Network Functions Virtualized (NFV) and automated provisioning they are looking for EMC to provide software defined IT services such as storage. EMC storage products such as EMC ViPR, and ScaleIO are gaining great traction with cloud service providers. We have started a number of joint development projects with several of the world’s largest cloud service providers using our Open Innovation model to accelerate the development of solutions specifically designed for this industry. We have noticed many of the challenges we have helped enterprise IT organizations overcome with virtualization and automation of the past few years are applicable to this industry. One major difference is the unique challenge is the enormous scale necessary for cloud service providers.

What is EMC’s unique value proposition to Cloud Service Providers?

DH: EMC is already a trusted provider of products that power the most mission critical services this industry provides. Many of the challenges the cloud service provider industry is facing today are similar to the challenges EMC has helped Enterprise IT customers meet over the past few years with software defined data center solutions such as Enterprise Hybrid Cloud powered by EMC federation company storage (ViPR), virtualization (vSphere), automation (vCloud suite), management (vRealize) and security (AirWatch, RSA) products.

We are not limiting our solutions to the products used by enterprise customers because of the challenge of the massive scale required by cloud service providers and new application architectures powered by our platform as a service product Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The industry is looking for solutions that leverage Open source and companies that contribute to opens source products such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and Hadoop. EMC gets this as evidenced by the launch of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and the Open Data Platform announcement last week. The EMC Federation has contributed a significant amount of our software to the major open source projects which protects cloud service providers investment, and accelerates innovation.

In addition we continue to invest to develop new core products to enable new data fabric architectures such as in memory data grids. New applications leveraging IoT and providing real time intelligence have enormous appetites for IO. EMC is developing a new storage product that will enable flash storage to be used as an extension of memory. This will provide high performance, low latency persistent storage capacity at a much lower cost than server memory. This will enable massive amounts of streaming data to be analyzed in near real time to provide predictive analytic's to improve customer experience. This year we will be demonstrating our new security analytic's solution that allows cloud service providers to identify anomalies in user behavior in near real time. This will significantly reduce risk, cost, and improve service quality. This same technology using next generation big data analytic's and storage can be extended to monitor network function services to improve reliability, and better balance performance.

Working with David and our cloud service provider team preparing for MWC has me excited about our 2015 strategy. The EMC Federation has a new focus on developing innovative solutions designed specifically for the cloud service provider industry. EMC’s experience enabling enterprise customers to deploy new types of infrastructure that is more agile and flexible to meet the needs of mobile, Big Data, and web applications will accelerate solutions for the cloud service provider industry. Modern applications place different demands on the infrastructure from a reliability perspective but demand automated software control, and rapid dynamic provisioning at a much lower unit cost. The EMC Federation of companies have best of breed infrastructure, automation, management, and security combined with the unique product capabilities of Pivotal application development and Big Data products. This combination provides EMC with a unique understanding and enormous value to cloud service providers. I believe our recent open source efforts with the Cloud Foundry and Open Data Platform will further acceleration our innovation and collaboration with cloud service providers.  We will be demonstrating many of these new solutions at MWC and are looking forward to the industry's' feedback regarding our strategy.


Mobile World Congress 2015

Posted by vEddieW Feb 13, 2015

The premier industry event for the cloud service providers, and the telecommunication industry, Mobile World Congress is starting on March 2nd in Barcelona. This year the event is expected to be attended by 85,000 people. It is one of the biggest industry events for the year.

EMC will have a major presence at the show. In our booth on the show floor, EMC will be delivering multiple presentations including:

  • Tuesday 10am - Telco 2.0 – Modernizing the Industry Through The Cloud by John Roese  
  • Tuesday 4pm - EMC Reinventing the Cloud Service Provider Through Cloud Transformation by David Frattura
  • Wednesday 9:15am - The New Mobile Identity by Pat Gelsinger
  • Wednesday Noon - Big Data In Action: Security Analytics' by Dr. Yael Villa, Dr. Alon Kaufman

In addition EMC will have three kiosks previewing our:

  • Updated Service Assurance Suite product offering
  • EMC Big Data Solutions for cloud Service Providers
  • Technology previews powered by software defined networking

In addition several EMC Executives will be available to meet with attendee's in a breakout room. EMC's Global CTO, @John_Roese will be attending along with several of our technology thought leaders such as @David_Frattura, @David_Hudson, and @Orna_Berry. Our customer appreciation party will be held on Tuesday evening at Opium Mar. If you would like to schedule a meeting with EMC executives or attend the customer appreciation party contact your EMC sales team or visit the EMC show floor booth.

This is just the beginning of the engagement EMC is planning at this years Mobile World Congress. Please check the EMC Community Network for more announcements and previews over the next two weeks. If you are attending work with your EMC sales team to schedule your executive meetings.

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