This Microsoft Ignite 2019, we at Dell EMC are excited to announce two preview programs that showcase our continued commitment to deliver a differentiated platform enabling our customers to accelerate their business transformation goals with Microsoft Azure Stack.


GPU Preview

At Dell EMC, we are excited to introduce our GPU preview program in partnership with Microsoft. For customers running training and inference workloads on Azure or looking to run applications on Azure N-Series virtual machines, this preview will bring those capabilities to Azure Stack Hub.  Visualization is another targeted use case where customers are looking to leverage GPU capabilities to render large amounts of data on specific targets closer to where the data is generated.

To address these scenarios, we are looking to bring configurations that include a choice of NVIDIA v100, AMD MI25 GPUs to our customers over the preview period.

At the preview stage, we look forward to working closely with our customers in partnership with Microsoft to understand their scenarios and developing the right GPU configuration to ensure a successful outcome.

We expect the public preview to start in January 2020.

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Data Protection-aaS Preview

As customer adoption of Azure Stack Hub matures, data protection becomes a critical need in order to take a workload to production. At Dell EMC, we have taken a differentiated approach to offer external backup integrated into Azure stack. With this Preview, our goal is to deliver Backup-aaS from within the Azure Stack portal.

As a Cloud Admin, you will have the ability to create plans and offers with backup quotas and policies along with the ability to metering usage.

Tenants will be able to add backup services to their existing workloads from the Azure Stack Hub tenant portal.

Out-of-the-Box, you get an external Data Domain Backup Vault and Networker Backup Software integrated into Azure Stack Hub with Image-level snapshot capabilities.

Combined with Azure Stack BCDR foundational patterns (ref Microsoft), our goal is to offer a powerful Azure consistent Backup service for our customers.


We expect to start public previews in January 2020.


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You can find more information on the Azure Stack BCDR foundational pattern under this link.

For more information on Dell EMCs approach and our preview program, check out this link.

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