By Karthik Angamuthu | Dell EMC | Sr. Product Manager for Azure Stack

Dell EMC Azure Stack

The Dell EMC Azure Stack is an extension of Azure to consistently build and run hybrid applications across cloud boundaries. Dell EMC's commitment to innovate along with Microsoft continues and our primary investment is focused on simplifying the operations for both cloud administrators and tenants on Azure Stack. With today’s announcement of 'Dell EMC Azure Stack Native Integration with Data Domain', we have taken a step towards simplifying the backup and DR experience for both admins and tenants.


Please stay tuned to this blog series for more details, use cases and demo videos.


Data Domain

Dell EMC Data Domain is purpose-built backup target appliance that speeds up your backup and recovery, protecting data on-premises and in the cloud, and delivers a lower cost-to-protect with leading data deduplication and bandwidth utilization. More details on data domain can be found here.


User Experience

Azure Stack delivers a true cloud experience, allowing you to build and run Azure native cloud applications consistently whether on-premises or in Azure Public. However, Azure Stack operators today leverage a collection of third-party backup solutions that may not yield that same level of consistency. The native integration between Data Domain and Azure Stack streamlines the end-to-end experience for tenants by enabling self-service capability of their workloads.


Integration with Data Domain

So, how does the integration help? Backup and DR with Azure Stack require careful consideration and implementation. There are primarily two roles involved with data protection of Azure Stack:

1) Cloud Operator (Azure Stack administrator) who is responsible for protecting the Azure stack infrastructure and configuring backup storage and policies

2) Cloud user (tenant) who is responsible for protecting the workloads running inside Azure Stack


Integration of Data Domain with Dell EMC Azure Stack leverages Azure Stack native tooling to provision Data Domain natively as a backup storage target from within Azure Stack, vastly simplifying on-premises cloud operations. In a multi-tenant environment where tenants may bring their own backup software to protect their respective workloads, they will be able to self-serve their backup needs end-to-end, confident in the fact that their backup data resides in an industry leading Dell EMC Data Domain platform. Additionally, from admin perspective, they will be able to enforce storage quotas against specific plans and offers, all from within the Azure Stack portal. From a service provider perspective, this allows one common method for delivering quota enforced and trackable backup storage to tenants without mandating what backup tools those tenants use within their subscriptions.



Both service providers and enterprise customers can now offer simplified backup service via Azure portal or power shell or ARM template to your respective customers with enterprise class backup target Data Domain platform.


How to order

This solution is currently available for purchase through our solution partner CloudAssert. You can reach out to your Dell EMC Azure Stack sales specialist Kenny Lowe at, phone# +44 7747 209567 to purchase this.


For general inquiries, questions and comments, please reach out to Dell EMC Azure Stack Product Manager Karthik Angamuthu at