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Dell EMC World was filled with product announcements, a flying Chad Sakac, a Michael Dell keynote, and even more excitement!


While these headline activities were going on, our Subject Matter Experts were busy in the background presenting to attendees on Converged and Hyper-converged Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud solutions, Ready Nodes, and the rest of the Dell EMC portfolio. It was a real educational experience for all who were able to make the trip to Las Vegas.


If you weren’t able to attend, we didn’t want you to miss this learning opportunity, so we asked some of our presenters to write about key takeaways and questions from their session.


If you have any questions or want to learn more, leave a comment and we will get back to you!



Next Generation Security: Or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud

Presenter: Mohamed Khalid, Technical Marketing, Hybrid Cloud Solutions



software changes.PNG.png



This session walked through the modern cloud native trends that are disrupting the way software applications are being written and deployed in a continuous delivery model, in short speed of services delivered wins in the Digital Marketplace.  For businesses to focus primarily on the Application development and deployment they need a stable Cloud Native Platform with well defined API and Marketplace so developers can keep developing new ideas. To enable that customers are looking to pick a platform which enables them to create an agile, reliable and secure environment. Security in particular is one of the key capabilities that is needed especially as Cyber attacks due to vulnerabilities in the system has become a common theme and the session walks though how the Native Hybrid Cloud platform (Pivotal Cloud Foundry on HCI) as an example to walk thru the various ways how the platform can be secured based on 4 capabilities to thwart attacks:


  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Information Logging


As part of the session we emphasized that security is a shared model between the cloud platform vendor and customer as tools and best practices are good only as long as it they are being used and practiced. The question came up on container security as how can prevent conversation between two different applications running on two different containers, how quickly do patches come out if it critical and also around edge encryption across sites. Overall the session was a teaser as to find out how many people have started looking at Cloud Native Platforms and the response was pretty good comparatively.


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How Microsoft Azure Stack Will Streamline Bi-Modal IT

Presenter: Gregory Colburn, Technical Marketing Engineer, Microsoft Hybrid Cloud



azure slide.PNG.png



IT organizations continue to struggle with pace of innovation demanded by their customers and business counterparts.  Many have turned to Bi-Modal IT models to rationalize the disparate operational and delivery methodologies between the two models but this leads to inherent inefficiencies. Organizations that can adapt and streamline these operations will have distinct advantages over those that cannot. The Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack promises to deliver on that task.


Azure Stack is geared towards increasing the pace at which IT organizations transition into a Cloud Native operating model.  By providing a seamless developer experience both through a consistent set of APIs and common Developer Tools, Azure Stack offers a true “write once, deploy anywhere” paradigm.   On the operational front, Cloud Administrators can manage, secure, deploy, and publish applications using the same set of tools regardless of whether the application resides in Azure Public or on Azure Stack behind the corporate firewall.  The Dell EMC Cloud for Azure Stack provides a complete turnkey solution for an Azure consistent hybrid cloud.  It is engineered, maintained, and supported from a single source, leveraging a common set of tools for both Admins and Developers allowing IT to focus on delivering high value services to their customers rather than just “keeping the lights on” while greatly streamlining Bi-Model operations.


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From Zero to Cloud: How a Turnkey Hybrid Cloud Platform Reduces Costs, Complexity and Risk

Presenters: Dan Mitchell and Jim Frederick, Product Managers, Enterprise Hybrid Cloud



zero slides.PNG.png



In this session, we talked about the disruption taking place in every industry, and how companies must fundamentally shift how they do business and undergo a digital transformation to survive against new born-in-cloud competitors.  A big part of this shift is through IT transformation, and optimizing their traditional application infrastructure while investing in new ways to engage their customers such as cloud-native applications.  We then highlight that hybrid cloud is an optimal model to support this transformation, and how simply buying the business outcome of a turnkey hybrid cloud platform accelerates time-to-value and provides a better TCO than a customer building a cloud themselves.


After one of the presentations, a customer came up to talk to us about his ongoing journey to cloud, and expressed the value he saw in buying the cloud versus their current strategy of building their own. He told us that he struggled with long lead times to provide internal customers their infrastructure, and said that an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on hyper-converged infrastructure made the most sense for them as they grow. It's always great to hear validation from customers and prospects, because it confirms our Hybrid Cloud Platform strategy, and reminds us that we are helping people solve real world problems.


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Learn about our Converged Platforms and Ready Solutions offerings in our Dell EMC World sessions blog on our Converged Platforms Community!

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