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Is anyone still basking in the awesomeness that is Cisco Live 2013?  As you scroll through the photos below you may see why most of who attended from here at EMC still are in post Cisco Live mode even with VMworld right around the corner.


Cisco Live continues to be one of the best IT events in the industry where each year Ciscopushes the boundaries as to what these IT conferences have the potential to be.  A networking conference in more than one sense of the word, this conference has increasingly become more and more about convergence, integration, and an open flow of ideas. (Please take a moment to appreciate the numerous tech puns dropped in the last sentence.  My attempts at wit and humor are a work in progress... at best.)


So where could you find EMC at this event?  Well, quite frankly...everywhere.


Need a ride to the conference?  The vFridge was such a big hit we thought we would try some vBuses...



Where could you find us on the showfloor?  The best place: Booth #1031



Numerous sessions and presentations across the show floor in partner booths such as Intel, VCE, and Cisco Solutions theatres.A sincere thank you to all of our partners for your continued support.



We loved having our sessions crashed by the wonderful @CommsNinja & Engineers Unplugged...


Sir Richard Branson's keynote, sponsored by EMC, was every bit inspiring, charming, humorous, and like the man himself, memorable on so many levels.



Seeing the support for EMC from so many conference attendees on our last day was both rewarding and reassuring.


















And if all of the above was not enough, we had the incredible privilege of having John Chambers and Gary Moore stop by our booth during the show.


Along the way we had some great opportunities for our subject matters experts, such as the EMC Elect to meet the Cisco CCIEs and network at various events during and after the show. It is such a rewarding experience to see the continued support of one of our strongest partners both in how we are working together and how connected our companies' subject matter experts are with one another. In case anyone was worried, we managed to have a good time together along the way.


Chandra Jacobs, Product Marketing Manager from Backup and Recovery at EMC, was interviewed by Didier Rombaut in a blog post on Cisco Data Center blog that revealed her quest to find all the VBlocks onsite at Cisco Live and her vast knowledge of data Protection Systems for VBlock.


Also, EMC Elect Lauren Malhoit, a contributor to TechRepublic and known well-known SMB technologist also covered Cisco Live and her impressions of her experience in a blog published by her a few weeks ago.  There was a nice shoutout to Mark Prahl & EMC after Lauren was debriefed  on EM ViPR during the show.  Check it out here.


It is events like this that make us so excited for what the future has in store. On behalf of all my colleagues I have spoken to in the last month, we cannot wait to do it all again for Cisco Live US next year.  I hope you enjoyed this brief look back at Cisco Live and hope to see you at Cisco Live US next year!




Kevin Dallaire

EMC Corporation

Cisco Technical Alliance Assiciate

Some of the most engaging and significant conversations in IT are going to be happening in just a few weeks at VMworld (Aug. 25th - 29th) when some of the industry's most brilliant minds come together.  But before the beginning of VMworld 2013, I want to take a minute to highlight a unique video series being created by Amy Lewis at Cisco called #EngineersUnplugged.


Amy Lewis, better known as @CommsNinja and creator of #EngineersUnplugged, has been onsite at various IT events such as VMware PEX, EMC World, and Cisco Live, hosting numerous subject matter experts from all across the industry to talk about some of the most engaging subjects in today's world of IT.   Engineers Unplugged is your go to video series for all "techies" in the industry looking to talk about tech.  Just simply two technologists and a whiteboard.  Debates,  ideas, and education are all welcome.  Wrapping up Season 3, with much of Season 4 being shot at VMworld, its longevity and growing popularity speaks to the quality of content coming from these videos.

Each episode has their specific topic but there has been one clear focus that seems to be on everyone's mind across all IT events in the past several months: SDDC and Virtualization.


Thanks to Amy Lewis, we were able to get Dave Henry and Gabriel Chapman to give us an overview of where the idea of virtualization came from, and how we got to an era of virtualized and software defined infrastructure.  While I pulled this discussion from the end of Season 2, this discussion still provides excellent context  in anticipation of VMworld 2013.  This could be one most compelling Engineers Unplugged episodes thanks to Dave and Gabriel's unique perspective in context of the timeline of the data center. Dave and Gabriel, well done. 


Engineers Unplugged Season 2 | Episode 12: The Evolution of Virtualization



For us here at EMC, we pay particular attention to these discussions and ideas about virtualization for the simply reason that we have so much invested in our joint virtualization solutions with Cisco.  In our partnership with Cisco, virtualization is one of the key focus points in which we have jointly engineered pre-tested, pre-validated virtualization design solutions.For the last several years, EMC and Cisco have been working jointly together to offer some of the best of breed technologies in design configurations known as Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) specific to desktop virtualization among other solution areas. These CVDs, whitepapers, and design guides manage to cover three different architecture models (as our three different paths to the cloud).  The first a) VCE VBlock converged infrastructure, b) VSPEX reference architectures c) and a custom build out your own architecture design using best of breed components from EMC and Cisco.  Whichever path works best for the use case, EMC and Cisco have been striving to make it easier to transform your infrastructure with these CVDs and Design Guides.  If you are looking for more details on the EMC|Cisco CVDs that exist to date (with many more to come in the near future),  I have pulled together a comprehensive list of the virtualization CVDs and design guides for both VMware and Citrix.  Also, Mike Brennan of Cisco pulled together a very informative blog post discussing the Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure capable of booting 5,000 users in just 30 minutes that you can find on the Cisco Data Center Blog.


There is no doubt that EMC and Cisco are two of the biggest thought leaders in the IT industry and, with VMworld 2013 just a few weeks away, you can expect more of these engaging discussions taking place on Engineers Unplugged with Amy Lewis.  Be sure to check back here for in depth discussions of all the EMC and Cisco collaboration at VMworld and be sure to follow @CommsNinja (Amy Lewis), @ciscdc, and @EMCCorp on Twitter for more Engineers Unplugged episodes.   Also feel free to suggest episode ideas or volunteer to appear in a podcast by contacting @CommsNinja on Twitter.



Kevin Dallaire

Cisco Technical Alliance at EMC

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