• Certification on Cisco MDS/nexus fabric swtiches

    I would like to take exam on  FC Cisco MDS. Does EMC offer anything related to Cisco MDS exams. Because, all my infra is supported by EMC. So thinking EMC should have some specific exam on Fabric switches? Any...
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  • Managing Unity Arrays with New Generation Tools

    In this Knowledge Sharing article, Samuel Thomas and Vijayakumar Ravindran explore the utilization of PowerShell modules to manage Unity arrays and VSA using REST API. Unity VSA is used in the experiment to illustrate...
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  • R-Tree & Its Variants in Spatial Analysis

    R-Tree (Rectangle-tree) has undergone numerous experiments and modifications over the years to make it more efficient, resulting in a number of variants such as R* tree, R+ tree, and Priority & Hilbert R-Tree. &nb...
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  • IT Infrastructure Endgame

    Organizations are struggling to adapt to market trends. There is a need for an infrastructure that meets the challenges presented by ever-changing trends, fits into every computing platform that exists today and also ...
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  • Customer Prospecting for a Biotech Company

    Publishing scientific contributions and grant award information is a crucial part of most government and academic institution mandates and there is a large amount of publicly available information that can be leverage...
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  • Cloud Drive

    Normally, a Storage Array consists of three Drive types – Flash, SAS, and Near-Line (NL)-SAS.   In this Knowledge Sharing article, Suhas BK, Sudeep Mathew, and Krishna Gudipudi describe how a new tier (Clo...
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  • Central Traffic Management Platform

    Ever increasing vehicle traffic on the roads calls for a more sophisticated traffic control system which can incorporate the latest technological solutions.   In this Knowledge Sharing article, Priya Chandramoha...
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  • Image Analytics To Detect Green Vegetation

    Image Analytics focuses on leveraging data science techniques to effectively detect changes between two images which are generally not possible with the naked eye.   In this Knowledge Sharing article, Srinivasan...
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  • IoT - Healer for the Homecare Health Services

    Homecare health services are in a position to significantly impact some of the most challenging problems of our current healthcare system: access to care, cost-effective delivery, and distribution of limited providers...
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  • About E20-065 EMCDS

    Could anyone provide the E20-065 course code sample? I did not find the code from the course link.
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  • Person is not attached with the Audience Type of the given Course.

    Trying to get some free ecourse and this pops up. Person is not attached with the Audience Type of the given Course. any idea how to resolve this thank you.
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  • EMC Proven Certifications KM content

    Is there a location that has the KM details for maintaining a EMCTA/EMCIE certification?   I have not gotten anything on my Symmetrix TA or BRS TA certifications for some time.
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  • Query on VILT

    Hello Team ,   I had purchased VILT 3 years back . Unfortunately , I am not able to play then anymore on my new personnel system  Could you please let me know the process to  renew the license keys for...
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  • Knowledge Maintenance

    Knowledge Maintenance (KM) is an exclusive benefit for EMC Proven Professional Specialists and Experts who hold the most recent version of the certification aligned to their technical specialty. The KM benefit provide...
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  • Captive Upgradation from 7.1 to 7.6

    Hi All,   I am planning to upgrade the captive from 7.1 version to 7.6 version. Anybody has an idea that how it will impact on current version. I mean after upgrade to 7.6 version everything works fine as it i...
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  • E5-001 ISMv3 Exam. preparation

    I'm  chugging through the modules of the  online ISMv3 course presenty....about to start #13. Question is do the questions on the online practice exam vary ?  I haven't attempted practice test yet but i...
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  • Impact of Dell merger on EMC certification programs

    HI all,     Now that the dell buyout of emc is complete. Is there any clarity on the direction of the EMC certifications? Will there be a rebranding exercise? I currently have a specialist lvl certification...
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  • Knowledge Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions

    This document contains frequently asked questions for the Knowledge Maintenance program. It includes questions that may apply to all participants in the program.
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  • Knowledge Maintenance Notifications for Fall bi-annual test sent on 10/06/2014

    The following Knowledge Maintenance (KM)Test notifications, were sent to certified Specialists in the associated EMC Proven Professional tracks:   KM 1.2 for VPLEX EMCIEKM 1.1 for EMC Information Storage Solution...
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  • Registering for Knowledge Maintenance Bundles and Tests

    This document provides a visual guide to registering for Knowledge Maintenance bundles.  It includes step-by-step instruction with screenshots of the process. Last updated on 11/27/2012.
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