Keeping your demographics in your CertTracker account up to date!

The 5 reasons why it's don't hesitate!


#1 Change of company

Have you changed companies recently or are you planning to?

  • The Dell EMC Proven Professional and VCE Certifications you earn are YOURS! They travel with you from company to company or even if you go on sabbatical. If you have left a company you want to be sure you update your demographic information.


#2 Affiliation

Has your manager mentioned you are not showing up on a report?

  • If the Dell EMC Proven Professional and VCE Certifications you have earned are tracked by your Organization then you want to be sure your demographic information is complete and current in order to show in reports, scorecards, etc.


#3 Badging

Do you need to claim your badge?

  • Acclaim (our badging platform) emails information on your badge to the Primary email address noted in your CertTracker account.  You will want to be sure this is complete and current if you are receiving a badge.


#4 Fulfillment

Have you been awarded a Dell EMC Proven Professional/VCE Specialist or Expert shirt?

  • If so, you must have a complete and current mailing address, as well as, a shirt size and type. Our fulfillment house will NOT ship your shirt unless these steps have been taken. You must complete these steps within 14 days of earning your credential to release fulfillment.

#5 Program emails/updates

Would you like to receive emails when you take an exam, earn a Certification, or when an exam is being updated?

  • The Primary email address in your CertTracker account is how we get a hold of you! Whether it's to inform you of an exam you         just recently took or to let you know an important announcement such as an exam being updated. You will want to be sure your        primary email address is up to date.            

After putting in all the effort to earn your Certification(s) why not go the extra step to guarantee you are receiving the recognition, badges, awards, and Program updates you are entitled to?


Log into your CertTracker account today, select Demographics and CHECK the following to ensure they are complete and up to date:


    Primary Email Address  

    Work Email Address 

    Relation to Dell EMC and Organization Name

    Mailing Address (select update/confirm to save) 

    Shirt Size and Type (select update/confirm to save)


Need help logging into your CertTracker account? submit a Proven Professional Support request, please use: > Select Dell EMC Proven Professional/VCE Support