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Who are we?


My name is Erin Brennan and I have worked on the Dell EMC (formerly EMC) Proven Professional HelpDesk answering candidate questions for 6 years.  Perhaps you have heard from me!  We get a variety of questions asked of us....anything from "I need help logging into my CertTracker or voucher account" to "I need to replace my Certificate because my dog ate it" (true story)!!  I enjoy helping people!  I hope my posts will continue to help you follow all the new Program announcements especially during our Dell EMC integration.  

My name is Danielle Schaefer and I have worked for Dell EMC for a year in a half; first managing the VCE Certified Professional Program and now supporting the transition of VCE Certified into the Dell EMC Proven Professional Program. I'm excited to introduce this blog as a platform to provide updates and program news to our community.

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Erin Brennan and Danielle Schaefer

Dell EMC Proven Professional Program