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Today, EMC announces new purpose-built Data Protection Suite offerings, as well as enhanced protection software solutions. The already well-established Data Protection Suite Family (lightboard video) has been extended to include Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Applications. At the same time, EMC announces point-product enhancements, including Avamar 7.3, Data Protection Advisor 6.2 SP3, expanded ProtectPoint support, DD Boost for Enterprise Applications 3.0, and new support in NetWorker for customers moving workloads to the cloud. These enhancements provide customers with greater performance, automation, simplification, and cloud enablement – proving that EMC protects your data where ever it lives and against whatever happens. Let’s take a moment to highlight in detail what’s new and exciting with data protection software.


NEW OFFERINGS! Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Applications

enterprise edition.png

Introducing Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition - the most powerful culmination of EMC data protection software. Built to protect data with technologies that span the data protection continuum, Enterprise Edition protects data wherever it lives and against whatever happens – from on-premise traditional infrastructures to virtualized environments to hybrid and public clouds. A step up from Data Protection Suite for Backup, this offering boasts EMC's best-of-breed backup and recovery products, as well as its industry-leading continuous data protection and archive solutions- all in a single offering. Enterprise Edition fully integrates with EMC Data Domain for a complete data protection solution.

suite for apps.pngAnother newly introduced offering is Data Protection Suite for Applications - providing unparalleled efficiency to meet stringent SLAs on mission critical applications. Data Protection Suite for Apps yields up to 20x faster backup by enabling direct backup to Data Domain from either primary storage or the application server. It empowers application owners/database admins to backup directly to Data Domain through native application utilities (like Oracle RMAN). Data Protection Suite for Apps eliminates, or significantly reduces, the impact on application servers because little or no data flows through the application server. And finally, it reduces the overall cost and complexity of data protection by eliminating the need for a traditional backup application. To learn more about the benefits and capabilities of Data Protection Suite for Applications, check out this lightboard video.


These two offerings join the already established members of the Family, including Data Protection Suite for Backup, Data Protection Suite for VMware (lightboard video), and Data Protection Suite for Archive. Each Suite offering includes a combination of hand-picked components tailored to meet the needs of your environment. See Figure 1 below for a product breakdown according to Suite offering.

product breakdown.pngFigure 1: Data Protection Suite Family – Product Breakdown


Data Protection Software Product Enhancements

Let’s dig a little deeper into the point-products included in the Data Protection Suite Family of offerings and focus on what’s being announced.


  • Avamar 7.3: The release of Avamar 7.3 follows the themes of simplified, high performing, and cloud-enabled data protection.  Updates to the Data Protection Extensions for vRA and vCD and new support for OpenStack, providing image-level protection via REST APIs, enhance cloud orchestration for the enterprise and cloud providers.  Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) configured with Data Domain Virtual Edition enables customers to deploy a scalable software-only data protection solution.  Backup performance enhancements include Linux Fast Incrementals for very dense file systems and support for Isilon Fast Incrementals.  Fast Incremental technology eliminates the file system scan required to determine any incremental changes between backups.


  • NetWorker 9.0 SP1: NetWorker, already known for its ability to help you centralize networker 9.0.jpgand simplify data protection, now delivers highly-efficient and secure backup WITHIN the Amazon AWS public cloud with CloudBoost. NetWorker 9.0 SP1 provides the same enterprise-level experience, whether your data protection strategy focus is on-premises backup, extended to private or public cloud for long-term retention of backups, and now for applications and data residing in the Amazon AWS public cloud. CloudBoost supports a wide range of leading object stores.  With EMC CloudBoost, NetWorker also delivers highly efficient and secure long-term retention of backups to EMC Elastic Cloud Storage private cloud, the Virtustream Storage Cloud enterprise-class public cloud object-storage service, as well as to a selection of dpa.jpgadditional public cloud offerings. To gain a more in-depth understanding of the NetWorker 9.0 SP1 launch, click here.


  • Data Protection Advisor 6.2 SP3: The latest version of Data Protection Advisor announces support for next generation backup applications, including EMC Avamar 7.3, NetWorker 9, and Veritas NetBackup 7.7. Data Protection Advisor also adds support for Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE), as well as adds physical capacity reporting for Data Domain to enable capacity optimization, migration and chargeback.


  • ProtectPoint: With an expanded ecosystem and even faster recovery, ProtectPoint announces new native integration with Microsoft SQL and Exchange on XtremIO, as well as support for EPIC on XtremIO, VMAX3, and VMAX All Flash. In addition, ProtectPoint now offers 10x faster recovery compared to traditional backup applications. To learn more about what’s new in ProtectPoint – check out this ECN blog.  For more on support for SQL and Microsoft Exchange, watch this lightboard video. And for the latest in protecting all flash arrays, check out this CORE blog.

  • DD Boost for Enterprise Applications 3.0:  Introduces the ability to set capacity ddbea.pngand stream limits on Data Domain. This allows backup admins to control the DBA’s usage of Data Domain resources to ensure they are not being overused. DD Boost for Enterprise Apps now also supports DD VE and high availability with the DD9500.


With these product enhancements and newly announced Suite offerings, EMC continues delivering on its portfolio of industry-leading protection software with enhanced performance, automation, simplification, and cloud enablement with laser focus on protecting all data no matter where it lives.


To learn more about the EMC Data Protection Suite Family and its components, visit

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