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VCE, the Converged Platform Division (CPD) of EMC just released a paper titled VCE Solutions for Enterprise Mixed Workload on Vblock System 540.  In this solution guide we show how the Vblock Converged infrastructure (CI) platform using all-flash XtremIO storage  provides a revolutionary new platform for modernizing deployment and management of mixed-workload and mixed-application environments. The Converged Platform Division (CPD) together with the Global Solutions Organization brought together a team with expertise in both deploying  Vblock systems and deep Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP workload knowledge.  The goal of the team was to build, test, and document a near-real life mixed application solution using a Vblock 540 system powered by XtremIO all-flash storage.


The business application landscape for the testing environment consisted of:

                • A high frequency online transaction processing (OLTP) Oracle application
                • A simulatied stock trading OLTP application for SQL Server
                • SAP ERP with an Oracle data store simulating a sell-from-stock application
                • An Oracle decision support system (DSS) workload
                • An online analytical processing (OLAP) workload accessing two SQL Server analysis and reporting databases
                • Ten development/test database copies for each of the Oracle and SQL Server OLTP and five development/test copies of the SAP/Oracle system.


The combined test results when Oracle, Microsoft and SAP mixed workloads were run simultaneously produced demand on the XtremIO  array of ~230k predominately 8KB IOPS together with an average throughput of 3.8 GB/s (primary I/O size 64 KB and 128 KB), with an 88 percent read and 12 percent write ratio. Average response times were recorded to be 866 μs, 829 μs for reads and 1152 μs for writes.

mixed workload results.png

IT decision makers who are evaluating new options for data center management to help provide better service with lower TCO should research VCE CI platforms that use all-flash technology. We invite you to read the full report to understand our methodology and results or contact your local EMC representatives to discuss if converged platforms are the right choice for your next data center modernization project.


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