With 13,500 in attendance, there was a lot of excitement around Dell EMC World and the Converged Products and Solutions Division’s offerings of the newly combined tech giants.

DEW 17 BW Cube interview.JPG.jpgBob Wambach, VP of Marketing, Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, sat down with John Walls from The Cube to talk about how Dell EMC is helping our customers on their Digital Transformation journey.

“We are on to a new era… business is demanding transformation, and it is our job to help customers along that journey,” stated Wambach.


Dell EMC is facilitating that digital change with products and solutions that cover the full build to buy continuum.  Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure represent the buy side of the continuum, with pre-engineered turn-key systems that take the burden of lifecycle assurance out of the hands of IT, freeing staff to focus on business priorities.


The Dell EMC Customer Value Program was created to help customers achieve and fully realize the business value of their Digital Transformation. “We want to help customers assess how they do things, identify what the business needs are, and help them achieve those business results,” said Wambach.


The Customer Value Program (CVP) is much more than Total Cost of Ownership. It’s about maximizing business value from infrastructure, and using infrastructure to help enable business innovation. We offer Digital transformation and IT transformation guidance by helping customers chart a baseline through a business value assessment.  Then we create transformation plans that tell them what they can do to get the most value out of their infrastructure deployments.  Guides and manuals offer IT customers a self-service way to transform operations within the organization. Certification programs, professional services and residency programs provide hands-on assistance.  To complete the value cycle, we have a methodology that helps customers measure the impact that the infrastructure has on the business - enabling IT customers to connect what they’re doing in the data center to what is happening in the business.


We have a lot of victories to share.  As we take a look at our customer experiences, those that transformed received tremendous value from their CI and HCI deployments. But even in success stories, it is important for IT teams to be able to articulate the value they provide to their businesses. As a case in point, after two years, one of our large industry customers was ready for a tech refresh and wanted to understand their investment better. When we dug in and applied the CVP methodology the customer found tremendous cost savings.  By essentially eliminating downtime, they determined that it translated into millions of dollar of savings per year to the business in lost revenues and resources related to outages.  In addition, IT staff members that were freed to be re-purposed on new services for the company resulted in more than a $1 million dollars per year return on those new initiatives.


The purpose of the Customer Value Program is to take customers beyond just understanding how IT supports the business, to becoming drivers of higher levels of business innovation and internal champions of increased business competitiveness.