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Computers_global_internet_network_data_processing_s_198188897_720x396_72_RGB.jpgI spent eight really great years working with .NET developers at the Microsoft Technology Center in Mountain View, CA.  There was one drum that I beat regularly during those design meetings and lab testing engagements - "why don't you instrument your code?"  Having good telemetry really makes it so much easier to baseline your environment and do trouble shooting. I would always point out the rich sets of application and hardware specific performance counters that Microsoft and other vendors would implemented with every piece of equipment, OS version, and application that they shipped.  What I found out was that my customers weren't doing anything with all the rich sources of telemetry they already had available - until the data center was smoking rubble.  Then a bunch of folks would scramble around trying to do forensics on what logs were still available.  The real problem was log data collection and processing, not adding more sources of telemetry.


splunk decn.pngWhatever you call it - digital exhaust, log files, time-series, big data.- machine data is one of the most underused and undervalued assets of any organization. But some of the most important insights that you can gain—across IT and the business—are hidden in this data: where things went wrong, how to optimize the customer experience, the fingerprints of fraud.

All of these insights can be found in the machine data that’s generated by the normal operations of your organization.  The team at Splunk develop software that make this largely untapped wealth of machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone interested in enabling digital transformation.


VCE Vblock 540 For Splunk Enterprise

Dell EMC and Splunk recently published a solution guide that describes a VCE Vblock® 540 converged infrastructure solution that shows how the flexible scaling options of converged platforms and tight integration with Splunk Enterprise for analyzing large quantities of machine data.  The engineers at Splunk put a lot of effort into designing a data storage system that can utilize different classes of storage.  This helps utilize the highest performance (and cost) storage for recent data that is more highly utilized and less expensive (lower perfomance) storage for older "cold" data.  This architecture pairs beautifully with the rich portfolio of converged platforms and storage options available from Dell EMC.  In this solution we used an XtremIO all flash product for the recent hot/warm data and the massive scale and attractive $/TB of Isilon for cold data.

The solution guide shows how VCE™ converged infrastructure offers scalable solutions that meet and exceed the performance and capacity requirements for a high-performance Splunk deployment. Our sales teams can help you configure a solution according to the sizing guidance provided by Splunk and following the documented best practices for Splunk Enterprise, XtremIO, Isilon, and VMware.


Dell EMC converged solutions enable customers to simplify purchasing and deployment, reduce their hardware management overhead, and accelerate their time to value for all your enterprise workloads. VCE offers a wide portfolio of options to match the performance and pricing needs of large and small Splunk Enterprise deployments. If you are interested in mixed workload consolidation, you might also consider using VCE Vblock systems for multiple application workloads, including Splunk.


The primary benefits of running Splunk Enterprise on VCE converged infrastructure


  • Splunk-validated configurations
    • Jointly validated by Dell EMC and Splunk
  • Optimal storage tier alignment for Splunk Enterprise
    • Flexible sizing options to achieve the desired retention and performance profile for indexing and searching data in Splunk Enterprise
  • Cost-effective and flexible scale-out
    • Scale-out compute and storage management in a single converged platform package
  • Powerful data services
    • Out-of-the-box secure data encryption and data reduction services, along with integrated copy data management for efficient backup and restore capabilities


Next Steps

Machine-generated data is one of the fastest growing and complex areas of big data. It's also one of the most valuable, containing a definitive record of all user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity and more. Splunk paired with the Vblock 540 turns machine data into valuable Operational Intelligence no matter what business you're in.  Operational Intelligence gives you a real-time understanding of what’s happening across your IT systems and technology infrastructure so you can make informed decisions.

the Vblock System 540 combined with the VCE Technology Extension for EMC Isilon storage is an excellent scale-out solution for a high performance Splunk Enterprise deployment. In this solution guide we show why the Vblock 540 provides predictable performance, low latency, flexibility, and room for future growth for mission-critical Splunk Enterprise big data applications.


You can download a copy of the solution guide discussed here by using the hyperlink below:


VCE Vblock 540 Infrastructure For Splunk Enterprise Solution Guide



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