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By Andrew Foot, General Manager, Enterprise & Public Sector Sales, EMC ANZ


We recently found that over half (54 per cent) of Australian organisations had experienced at least one unplanned outage, data loss incident or security breach in the last year. Reading that, it’s not surprising that almost half of Australian senior executives lack confidence in their organisation’s data protection, security and availability.


Do you trust your organisation’s IT?


Now, you can benchmark yourself and compare your level of IT trust maturity against your peers. Answer six simple questions and we will use insights from the 3200 respondents of the Global IT Trust Curve study to rank you on the IT Trust Curve. The research highlights the benefits an organisation can realise through a high level of confidence in IT, so we’ll also provide you with a series of personalised recommendations to help you improve your score.


The Global IT Trust Curve survey focused on respondents’ ability to withstand and quickly recover from disruptive incidents. Remarkably high levels of Australian respondents (97 per cent) experienced loss of employee productivity, revenue, customer confidence or loss of business as a result of these IT issues. Australian respondents disclosed that these incidents had often resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars for their organisations and only around half were able to restore all the data they had lost.


Meanwhile, organisations that rated high on the curve experienced significant advantages over those further behind. Over half (53 per cent) of global organisations in the higher maturity segment (the leaders) reported a typical recovery time of minutes or less, compared with only 27 per cent across all maturity tiers and 24 per cent among the lowest maturing segment (the laggards). The leaders were also more likely to be able to recover 100 per cent of their data in the event of a data loss, with 76 per cent able to recover everything as opposed to only 44 per cent of laggards.


Read more interesting findings in the study’s executive summary.


Creating a trusted IT infrastructure won’t happen overnight. Yet, there are a few main aspects to focus on that can boost your IT confidence remarkably:

  • Continuous availability


  • Advanced security


  • Integrated backup and recovery


Benchmark yourself on the Global IT Trust Curve today to receive your customised action plan to help you improve your IT maturity score.


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