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I recently decided that I wanted to create a brand-new Documentum 6.6  environment for our companies development lab.  I decided to go all out and go  the 64-bit route.  Some of our clients are heading that way, so I figured I  would see if there were any issues.


The quick answer, yes.


That said, it wasn't anything that I couldn't get through after a bit of  research.  After searching the documentation and the forums, I broke down and  went to Powerlink.  Before I get analytical, let's talk about the issue.

Setting-Up the SQL Client

In the old days, pre-64-bit, you just had to install the client for SQL Server, configure ODBC, and you were off to the races.  Now you have to perform a few extra steps to add a tool and to help the Content Server's Server Configuration Program along.


  • Fully patch your SQL Server 2008.  Specifically, make sure that KB956717, Cumulative Update Package 1, is installed on your server.  You can short-circuit this just by installing Service Pack 1 which includes the fix.
  • Install the client tools for SQL Server 2008 on your Content Server as you normally would.
  • Download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Command Line Utilities from  Microsoft, specifically the 32-bit version (because Content Server is still a 32-bit application).  The link provided by the Powerlink Note is for the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack, but you can download the install file that you need directly: X86  Package (SqlCmdLnUtils.msi) - 7234 KB.

  • Time to create the ODBC connection.  Do not use the one from "Administrative Tools" under the "Control Panel".  You need to use the 32-bit ODBC configuration tool.  That can be found here: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe"  Your location may vary based upon your Windows installation path.
  • When creating the ODBC connection, use the "SQL Server" driver.  Do not use the new SQL Server 2008 (version version that you will see.  I didn't try that one, but I've been using the other one for over a decade and it hasn't steered me wrong.


Support Note 107602 has some more details.  It was written for 6.5 sp2, but the solution still worked for me.


Nothing in this section will help you solve problems, but I have some things to share.  The first is that this appears to have been a failure of documentation.  I understand if the installer cannot use 64-bit components, but I shouldn't have to go to Powerlink to find the solution.  It should be easy to find in the Installation Guide and/or Release Notes.


Second, can we get a 64-bit compiled version of the Content Server?  That would rock and bypass this problem. Dare to dream.

The TickI have a confession to make...I'm a fraud.  I may know a lot about Documentum  and ECM, but when you get to pick your discussion topics, it is easy to look  smart and knowledgeable.


Many of you know a lot about implementing  successful ECM projects with Documentum, SharePoint, or any  number of systems.  You have all learned things that I've never even considered  when planning for a project.


And the number of things I don't know about Documentum is mind-boggling.   There are new components every few months and there is no way that I, or anyone  for that matter, can keep up with it all.


So I am asking for your help.  Please think about the projects you have  worked on in the past year or so.  Did you learn a few things?  Did you run into  a few hurdles to over come?  The odds are that the project wasn't perfect.  Even  if it went well, there are things that you would do differently.


Share what you learned with me.


Share it with everyone!


Speak at  EMC World!


If you are a customer, let's hear about your just completed project and your  plans for the future.  Tell us what you like about Documentum, and what you  don't like.

If you are a partner, grab one of your  clients and put something together as a team.  Your client will be thankful for  the exposure and it will look good to their boss.  They'll thank you for it.



If you are a business user, grab a technical person to join you on the  podium.  If you are on the technical side, grab a business user.  Let's hear  about the Why and the How of the project.  Things are easier when you have  help.


Here's what you need...


  • Topic:  Be it a migration, upgrade, new  functionality/Documentum component, or a new installation.  An interesting, and  relevant, title works well.
  • Description: In 60 words, describe what you are talking  about.  This would appear in the program, so sell it to other users. Don't get  trapped with too many buzzwords. Say what you did and what you are sharing.
  • Comments: Here are some comments where you can add some  more detail and other thoughts for the submission evaluators.  Continue the sell  here.
  • Objectives: Think of three answers to the questions At  the end of this session you will be able to...?
  • Speaker Biography: For each presenter, think of 60-75 words  to explain who you are, what you do, and why people would find you a credible  source of information.


Answer a few other simple questions and you are done. Need a sample? I posted one of my proposal on CMIS here on EDN not too long ago.


Want help preparing your topic or want a second set of eyes?  I'm more than willing.  You can also post it here in the Documentum  Community and get some feedback from a broader audience.


You have three weeks, deadline is now February 8th, so you have time to put  everything together.


When it comes to the presentation, be sure to get help.  Practice your  delivery and have others look at the presentation.  Ask colleagues, others in  the community, or feel free to ask me.


I am so desperate to learn and cure my ignorance, I will help anyone with  their presentations if only to insure that I have the opportunity to attend more  useful sessions.


I don't need more product maps.  I need hear from YOU and what you have  done.  Only then will I begin to be as knowledgeable as I portray myself in the  Documentum Community.