How time flies. It has now been several months since we first sent notification to all registered Documentum Content Server customers of the availability of xPlore, the new search functionality in the Documentum Platform and outlined the planned termination of support of FAST Instream Search functionality in Documentum.


In this January 20, 2011 letter, EMC announced the availability of Documentum xPlore, a replacement for the existing search functionality within the Documentum Content Server, which is a component of the EMC Documentum platform. Documentum xPlore is supported on Documentum platform versions 6.5 SP2, 6.5 SP3, 6.6 and ships as the standard search with Documentum 6.7 and above. Documentum xPlore provides comprehensive enterprise-ready search capabilities for content and case management solutions.  It also detailed specific timelines for the termination of support for FAST Instream within Documentum.


Since then, many customers have chosen to take immediate advantage of the improved capabilities of this free upgrade – often leveraging a fast and cost-effective VMware implementation. Documentum xPlore offers improved functionality including the following:

  • Improved Search Functionality
  • Virtualization Support (VMware)
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Support
  • Improved Scalability and Performance
  • Advanced Data Management for large deployments


For additional details on why you should plan to act now; view the new chalktalk “The Top 10 Reasons for Migrating to Documentum xPlore” hosted by Ed Bueché, EMC Distinguished Engineer and xPlore Architect.  xPlore was specifically architected to ease migration.  Dramatically improve your Documentum implementation today -- Join the ranks of satisfied customers like Joe Aiello, Documentum Administrator, CW Financial Services.  This is what Joe had to say,


“After upgrading our Documentum system, with the addition of the new xPlore Search Engine, we’ve found dramatically improved Search and Retrieval of business critical information.  Users have found the system returns extremely valuable and applicable information reducing the time required to make final decisions, well before our tight deadlines!


In this new era of Ecological Concerns, Tightening Budgets, and the Access Control needs highlighted by the press, we are quite pleased with Documentum’s ability to protect and serve our most valuable assets, all within a complete Virtualized Environment, which includes servers and user workstations.”


Visit the xPlore community page or sign on to Powerlink and navigate to Home > Products > Software D > Documentum Platform > Documentum xPlore/FAST Migration for a wealth of information regarding xPlore benefits and your migration.


For information about the FAST to xPlore Migration Service, email