When we run consistency checker, we may find many WARNINGS/ERRORS and there are solutions for each and every WARNING/ERROR for consistency checker available in the powerlink site.


Many times when I need to resolve errors I need to search in powerlink for each and every resolution.  I planned to keep the URLs of all the resolutions here so that this may be useful for any one who are resolving the issues.


Since searching for all errors is a tedious task, I plan to update this entry as and when I find the information for any item.  So I will keep on updating this post until I find the resolutions for all the issues.



NumberDescriptionQueryResolution LinkAdditional Comments
CC-0001Checking for users with non-existent group
CC-0002A group contains a non-existing user in users_names attributeselect a.users_names as p1, a.r_object_id as p2 from dm_group_r a where a.users_names is not NULL and a.users_names <> ' 'and not exists (select b.user_name from dm_user_s b where b.user_name = a.users_names and r_is_group = 0)https://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg83317
CC-0007Check ACLs with non-existent usershttp://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg29545
CC-0010Check Objects for invalid users

select a.r_object_id as p1, a.owner_name as p2 from dm_sysobject_s a where a.i_is_deleted = False and not exists (select b.user_name from dm_user_s b where b.user_name = a.owner_name)

CC-0011Check objects for non-existent users


CC-0023Root version does not exist any moreselect a.r_object_id as p1, a.i_chronicle_id as p2 from dm_sysobject_s a where  a.i_chronicle_id <> '0000000000000000' and not exists (select * from  dm_sysobject_s b where b.r_object_id = a.i_chronicle_id)


CC-0024Sysobject references non-existent i_antecedent_idselect a.r_object_id as p1, a.i_antecedent_id as p2 from dm_sysobject_s a where  a.i_antecedent_id <> '0000000000000000' and not exists (select * from  dm_sysobject_s b where b.r_object_id = a.i_antecedent_id)http://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg29545



Entry for only dm_document exists but remaining all entries in tables dm_sysobject and related tables like dmr_contenthttps://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg102630
CC-0045dmi_package is pointing to a non-existent workflowselect a.r_object_id as p1, a.r_workflow_id as p2 from dmi_package_s a where not  exists (select b.r_object_id from dm_workflow_s b where b.r_object_id =  a.r_workflow_id)http://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg29545
CC-0046Workflow object references non-existent sysobjectselect ws.r_object_id as p1, pr.r_component_id as p2 from dm_workflow_s ws,  dm_workflow_r wr, dmi_package_s ps, dmi_package_r pr where ws.r_object_id =  wr.r_object_id AND wr.r_act_state != 2 AND pr.r_component_id >  '0000000000000000' AND ws.r_runtime_state IN (1,3) AND ws.r_object_id =  ps.r_workflow_id AND wr.r_act_seqno = ps.r_act_seqno AND ps.r_object_id =  pr.r_object_id AND not exists (select a.r_object_id from dm_sysobject_s a where  a.r_object_id = pr.r_component_id)http://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg29545
CC-0059Sysobject referencing non-existent policy objects


CC-0060Check for any policy objects that reference non-existent types in included_type.select a.r_object_id, a.included_type from dm_policy_r a where a.included_type <> '' and not exists (select b.name from dm_type_s b where b.name = a.included_type)


CC-0074The type is pointing to a non-existing index in dmi_index.select a.name,a.s_index_attr from dm_type_s a where not exists(select  b.r_object_id from dmi_index_s b where b.r_object_id=a.s_index_attr)


CC-0079ACL instance refers non-existence ACL Templatehttps://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg82881
CC-0080ACL instance refers non-existence Alias Sethttps://solutions.emc.com/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg82881