another update to labbuildr/vmxtoolkit

That one came to my mind with the absence of team in VMware workstation:

When Rushing to a demo or end your work, how can i

  • effectively shutdown or suspend a set of machines
  • boot a set of machines
  • manage a set of machines

So how about booting your own set of (local) VM´s ?


So i added set-vmxscenario and get-vmx-scenario.

This lets you define up to 9 Scenarios and Scenario names, that you can select and pass to start, stop and suspend commands !


first, adding a VM teo a scenario:

get-vmx e2013n1 | Set-VMXscenario -Scenario 1 -Scenarioname DAG


adds the vm e2013n1 to the DAG Scenario.

Now, listing all Scenarios:

get-vmx | Get-VMXscenario

You can See, i have multiple Senarios deployed, and some machines are part of multiple Scenarios !


To get a list of Vm´s in the Scenarioname DAG,

get-vmx | Get-VMXscenario | where Scenarioname  -eq DAG | ft



Sto start , stop or rsume them, i could pipe it to the next cmd :

get-vmx | Get-VMXscenario | where Scenarioname  -eq DAG | Sort-Object -Descending | Suspend-VMX


notice i am decending here to susoend the dc last...



Thats ist.


get the latest cmdlest via git


labbuildr - action update


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