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it has tons of new Features, autodownloaders, github Integration, new update sequence.

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This is the Master Document and your Startpage for everything related to labbuildr


What is labbuildr and how does it work ?

Well, in a nutshell, labbuildr is a toolkit automated with Powershell to Deploy Microsoft Application Environments on minimum Virtual machines Templates.

The VM Templates are distributed from the Mater Downloads.

The "Applications" like Exchange, SQL, AlwaysOn, SCVMM, Hyper-.V, Networker etc are installed with the Scenarios. Thus, the SOurces of the Applications installation files need to be Present in the "Sources" Directory, which is a Mountpoint of the source.vhd in c:\sources per default. Sources also could live on external Storage with labbuildr optional parameters.

In addition, labbuildr features "Solution Packs" which allow do add EMC VA´s into the labbuildr environment

See the compendium for labbuildr in Networker / NMM environments  : [labbuildr] labbuildr unleashed series: networker Scenarios


What is vmxtoolkit ?

the vmxtoolkit my development of powershell cmdlets to control vmware workstation.

labbuildr utilizes those cmdlets to create, monitor, modify and control vm´s and network configurations

You may find info´s on the vmxtoolkit Modules on the external labbuildr Homepage.


Table of labbuildr Base Packages

Table of labbuildr Softwaredownloads

Table of labbuildr VMware 9/10/11 OS Masters

Table of labbuildr VMware 11 OS Masters

Table of labbuildr VMware other Masters

Table of Solution Packs

Example labbuildr Scenarios

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything labbuildr@hyperv_guy Blog



12.11.2014: The mounter for Windows7 has been re-writen and added Again to labbuildr workflow. Mount succeeds in 99% . If you still have errors with mount, let me know.

12.11.2014: Speedup of Masters started. Optimized my Masters to boot and customize faster !


labbuildr features include:



Copyright 2014 Karsten Bott



   Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");

   you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.

   You may obtain a copy of the License at




   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software

   distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,


   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and

   limitations under the License.

Prereq: Configure your Network vmnet2 to custom hostonly or specify a Network to use with -vmnet on initial deployment !


Install Guide ( brief ) using standard source as VHD Mount

Windows 7:


Windows 7 may require Powershell update to 3.0.

Also mounting of VHD requires some special handling.

Here are the steps ( also in the Video )

  1. extract  the Labbuildr Package  to a Directory, eg [Driveletter]\labbuildr
  2. download and  extract sources.vhd to the labbuildr directory
  3. go labbuildr\helpers directory
  4. run prepare.cmd  as Administrator ( right-click run as Administrator )
  5. run check-prereq.ps1 ( right-click run with powershell )
    If Powershell 3 or later is not installed, the script installs it, and reboots at the End
    in this case, restart the script after reboot
  6. run labbuildr -action update to get latest version
  7. run labbuildr -action createshortcut to create shortcut
  8. download one of the OS Masters from below
  9. Extraxt Master to labbuildr Directory
  10. Run testdeployment with labbuildr -DConly -Master [your Master]
  11. Have fun

Follow the instructions in the Video:


Windows 8:

labbuildr on Windows8 does not require Update of Powershell, and also mounting utiulizes Powershell commands. therefore, installation is straight forward: ( Video to follow )


Just extract  the Labbuildr Package  to a Directory, eg [Driveletter]\labbuildr

Download and  extract sources.vhd to the labbuildr directory

  1. run prepare.cmd  as Administrator ( right-click run as Administrator )
  2. run check-prereq.ps1 ( right-click run with powershell )
  3. run labbuildr -action createshortcut from powershell
  4. run labbuildr -action update to get latest version
  5. download one of the OS Masters from below
  6. Extract Master to labbuildr Directory
  7. Run testdeployment with labbuildr -DConly -Master [your Master]


Solution Packs

Solution Packs come with labbuildr, but do not require the sources or labbuildr script.

They are Standalone installers utilizing the vmxtoolkit to deploy EMC VA´s like Isililon, ScaleIO SVM, VNX Simulateor, CloudArray, ViPR.

Not Sources VHD needs to be present to run them


labbuildr allows for deployment of various scenarios from powershell.

you can find a list of scenarios with get-help labbuildr.ps1





here is a Brief idea on what the vmxtoolkit can do:


labbuildr isongoing development. for  a stable / frozen version use Announcing Networker2go v2.5 !


Required base Packages



Labbuildr Base Package

make sure to run labbuildr -action update as your very first action !

Download File

Base Sources VHDIf you want do use deployment by labbuildr, not required for stuff like ScaleIODownload File


labbuilder serves several os masters:

-Master <Object>
    Wich version of OS Master should be installed


Master VM´s for vmware Workstation 9/10/11 (recommended)


Server2012-Master 2012Master
Server2012R2-Master 2012R2Master
Server2012R2UNew Build 12.11.2014-Master 2012R2UMaster
Server2012R2FallUpdateBuild Date 24.11.2014- Master 2012R2fallUpdate



Master VM´s for vmware Workstation 11 only



2012R2 update 1 Master-Master 2012R2U1Master
2012R2 update 1 UEFI MasterNew build 12.11.2014 with improved deploymenttime-Master 2012R2UefiMaster
Windows vNext UEFI MasterBuild 9841-Master vNextevalmaster


Master VM´s for other scenarios


Isilon master Skeletonneed boot0.vmdk isi-nvram.vmdk and nvram from isilon Simulator
ESXI Master
CentOS 6.6 base Base Server Master for CentOS 6.6


Software Table



PackageExtract LocationrequiredRequired for
ESXi 5.5update2 ISO[driveletter]\Sources\ESXinstall-esxi.ps1
Exchange 2013 CU1[driveletter]\Sources\E2013CU1no-ex_cu cu1
Exchange 2013 CU2[driveletter]\Sources\E2013CU2no-ex_cu cu2
Exchange 2013 CU3[driveletter]\Sources\E2013CU3no-ex_cu cu3
Exchange 2013 SP1[driveletter]\Sources\E2013SP1no-ex_cu sp1
Exchange 2013 CU5[driveletter]\Sources\E2013CU5no-ex_cu cu5
Exchange 2013 CU6[driveletter]\Sources\E2013CU6no-ex_cu cu6
Exchange 2013 CU7[driveletter]\Sources\E2013CU6
SQL2012SP1[driveletter]\Sources\SQL2012SP1no-AAG -sqlver sql2012sp1
SQL2014Eval[driveletter]\Sources\SQL2014 ( default on SQL / AAG )no-AAG
Adventure Works[Driveletter]\sources\aworks\no-AAG

[Driveletter]\sources\sc2012 R2 SCVMM

EMC ScaleIO 1.3[Driveletter]\sources\ScaleIO\Windows ( copy all *.msi Files )no-ScaleIOver  1.30-426.0
EMC ScaleIO 1.31[Driveletter]\sources\ScaleIO\Windows ( copy all *.msi Files )-ScaleIOver 1.31-258.2
Networker 8.2.1 -nwver nw821
Networker[Driveletter]\sources\nw8116no-NW -nw_ver nw8116
Networker[Driveletter]\sources\nw8115no-NW -nw_ver nw8115
Networker[Driveletter]\sources\nw8114no-NW -nw_ver nw8114
Networker in base Packageno-NW -nw_ver nw8113
Networker[Driveletter]\sources\nw8105no-NW -nw_ver nw8105
Networker[Driveletter]\sources\nw8104no-NW -nw_ver nw8104
Networker[Driveletter]\sources\nw8103no-NW -nw_ver nw8103
Networker[Driveletter]\sources\nw8102no-NW -nw_ver nw8102
Networker 7.6sp5[Driveletter]\sources\nw76sp5no-NW -nw_ver nw765
Networker anyversion[Driveletter]\sources\nwunknown *this installs any other version of networker not listed my networker2go installer
NMM 8.21[Driveletter]\sources\nmm821no-nmm_ver nmm821
NMM 8.2[Driveletter]\sources\nmm82no-nmm_ver nmm82
NMM 3.00[Driveletter]\sources\nmm300no-nmm_ver nmm300
NMM 3.01[Driveletter]\sources\nmm301no-nmm_ver nmm301
NMM 3.0.12[Driveletter]\sources\nmm3012no-nmm_ver nmm3012
NMM 2012[Driveletter]\sources\nmm2012no-nmm_ver nmm2012


for WAIK to be downloade, you first need to download adksetup.exe. Follow these instructions for an offline install

noHV -scvmm
Latest Java 7 32Bit[Driveletter]\sources
I will pick the latest version off Java from the Sources Directory



Some Example labbuildr/vmxtoolkit Scenario´s and Videos


Build a basic DC[labbuildr]howto: Build a Basic Domaincontroller
Build a 2 Node DAG[labbuildr]howto: Build a Exchange 2013 2-Node DAG
Build a 3 Node SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group[labbuildr]howto: Build a SQL 2014 3-Node AlwaysOn Cluster
Build a blank node domain joined[labbuildr]howto : building blank node(s)
Labbuildr IPV6

[labbuildr]Announcement: Labbuildr goes IPv6

Exchange and Avamar[labbuildr] labbuildr and Avamar for Exchange Scenario
Hyper-V and Scaleio[labbuildr] major update for Hyper-V Scenario to support ScaleIO
Storage Replica and Windows vnext[labbuildr]Using labbuildr to create Microsoft Scaleout Fileserver with Storage Replica
Use BMR with Avamar or Networker



Solution Packs


Deploy ScaleIO SVM from OFV[labbuildr] install scaleio + vipr on vmware workstation in minutes
Deploy VNX/File[labbuildr] rapid deployment of VNX/FILE with SMB3 CA with install-vnx Solutionpack !
ScaleIO Linux SVM with Hyper-V[labbuildr]awesome ! labbuildr rocks scaleio ! scaleio rocks hyperv with linux svm's
Deploy Cloudarray[labbuildr]goes emc cloudarray
Deploy ViPR OVA[labbuildr] vipr standalone on vmware workstation in seconds

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I see update available, but do not receive any updates

A: delete version files labbuildr.version and vmxtoolkit.version


Q: I have an Error during deployment, how can i see what happened

A: Start deployment with minus verbose


Q: How can i pause between steps

A: Start deployment with minus verbose


Q: VM gets cloned, but deploymen fails

A: i need the hostname.log in the labbuildr dir to help you


Q: How can i get Help

A : Leave a Comment in his Post


Q: How can i Contribute // Add wishes

A : Leave a Comment in his Post