EMC Elect 2014 has been Announced !


And i am proud to say that i am Part of the Crowd !

So my thanks foes to  people that Read my Blog over 2013 and kept the Traffic high and Voted and nominated me !

This is what really matters or me to continue to share my thoughts and ideas !


What is EMC Elect ?

EMC Elect represents an unprecedented opportunity for members to receive exclusive access, privileges, and status in appreciation for their contributions to the EMC community.


A panel of highly respected foundering members of the EMC Elect were chosen for their extensive participation with EMC as a brand. Their leadership, commitment and positive attitude set the cadence of the community.


The top three reasons people were chosen for EMC Elect are:

  • Regular engagement on the EMC Community Network
  • Great conversations on Twitter
  • Strong technical presence via blogs and at industry events



There is a Complete Listing of All the Elect 2014 members at https://community.emc.com/community/connect/emc_elect/blog/2014/01/15/the-emc-elect-of-2014--official-list


You can Find my fellows Announcements here: