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Hi All,   in a 3.5 environment, the Customer would like to move some ESX 5.5 from a vCenter 5.5 already discovered in ViPR to a newly deployed vCenter 6, not yer it possible to move…
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Unity 300 2 Pools. 1 Pool with multiple Thin provisioned Block LUNs/Datastores (presented to VMware Cluster). Pool1 allocated space grows to alarm threshold level. Some VMware VM Disks moved from…
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Hi,   We are replacing eInput with Captiva Web Client module. In eInput module, there is a parameter called Ipaddress which is the IP address of a client machine. In our process, based on the IP…
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Hi there,   I have read through the meticulous instructions for the upgrade of OneFS to 8.1 pending our installation of Gen6 hardware. Was looking for feedback of previous experience of anyone in…
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新しい機能や変更はソフトウェアの開発で何とかカバーできますが、ドラマチックに機能向上を実現するならハードウェアの変更が不可欠。今年6月にリリースされたIsilon Gen6はよりコンパクトに、そして早く、結果文句なしにパワフルになりました。 (従来製品と比べ11倍のスループット!6倍のIOPS !  )…
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Nicole Sweeney
Dell EMC is a top tier, Peta, sponsor for this event held in Washington, DC September 25-28. This page is to help you get informed, schedule meetings & get social. Timed with this conference, we…
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Hi Experts Can you provide information of content server encryption and decryption Algorithm . The Content Server version is 6.6, we need this info to share with our internal Group Security Team…
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Hi, when trying to import custom report templates using Internet Explorer, I'm getting the following error:   Content-Type not allowed:tree "Test Template.xml"…
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We had gone through the ViPR Rest API doc , some of the services not have JSON response in Example . So thought of asking whether ViPR is supporting JSON type for all API services or not ?  It will…
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What is the best way to get config files from EMC Voyence, All we have from external system is device name ( host name). We are looking to get config files both running and startup files using a…
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